LaCroix Is Finally ‘Legal’ in Massachusetts

Not that you ever had to hide your can of LaCroix in a brown paper bag to avoid being picked up by a Massachusetts State Trooper, but for anyone worried about the legality of the “naturally essenced” sparkling water brand, this should put your mind at ease: LaCroix is apparently now a law-abiding member of the state’s carbonated water community.

LaCroix Swimsuits Have Arrived Just in Time for Memorial Day

LaCroix might be the hottest flavored sparkling water brand on the planet, but this summer, LaCroix can help cool you down in more ways than one: Sure, you can drink the stuff, but for the fashion-loving LaCroix drinker (and what kind of LaCroix drinkers isn’t image conscious?), the brand now has an unofficial line of men’s and women’s sw

A California Brewery Has Canned a Beer Tribute to LaCroix

LaCroix has been one of the beverage industry’s biggest recent success stories. The calorie-free, naturally-flavored sparkling water brand has managed to maintain its air of hipness and healthiness while sugary drinks and sodas spiked with artificial sweeteners have struggled.

The Secret LaCroix Flavor You've Probably Never Tried

There was a time, not long ago, when LaCroix was being peddled in low-cost grocery chains and beverage enthusiasts hadn’t yet embraced the line of sparkling waters.

That time has come and gone, with foodies and health nuts alike clamoring for the brand that's taken social media by storm. It’s definitely fair to say that the LaCroix brand has a cult following – earlier this month, the mention of a new flavor drove masses into a frenzy.


What Are Those 'Natural Flavors' in LaCroix Anyway?

In recent years, soft drinks have become public enemy number one in the battle against unhealthy diets. The lambasting of these beverages full of sugary empty calories (or for diet sodas artificial sweeteners) has driven soda sales to a 30-year low in the US. LaCroix Sparkling Water, however, has been able to buck this trend, seeing significant sales growth over this same period.

LaCroix Maker Sees Stock Fall After Accusations of Being ‘Faddish’

Plenty of people would probably agree that LaCroix flavored seltzer is a fad – or, at the very least, the beneficiary of an unsustainable amount of hype. But what about the company behind the brand, a NASDAQ traded stock that’s seen share prices soar 65 percent in the past year? Are the owners content to ride the wave of LaCroix’s success or should they be concerned about troubled waters? One stock analyst group thinks the makers of LaCroix are a bubble that’s ready to burst.

Who Wants Cheese Flavored Lacroix?

Just when you thought the Internet’s ironically-detached obsession with LaCroix Sparkling Water couldn’t get any more ironic or further detached, along comes a new site that lets users instantly customize a can of LaCroix into any colors and flavors they want. Personally, I whipped up a bottle of Fromage LaCroix because, if you ask me, this whole thing is starting to get a bit cheesy.

The Best Ways to Booze Up Your LaCroix

How did a sparkling water from the Midwest suddenly burst onto the scene as the drink of the summer? We’ll leave that to the experts. Our own expertise lies in cocktails, so we’ve spent Labor Day Weekend figuring out how to booze up LaCroix for you. (You’re welcome.)