This Hybrid Coffee Cup and Water Bottle Lets You Drink Both Beverages from One Lid

Kickstarter campaigns tend to be at their best when they leave you thinking, “Oh, that’s interesting.” If you’re left thinking “Wowee zowee!” it might be too good to be true.

Is This Travel Cup the ‘Greatest’ Way to Eat Cereal?

Part of the appeal of cereal is the simplicity: Pour cereal into bowl, pour milk on top of cereal, put spoon into mouth. Done. But could cereal be even easier? The makers of CrunchCup think so. The recently launched Kickstarter campaign purports to be the best way ever to eat cereal on the go.

Smart Wine Dispenser Learns Your Palate (Sort of)

Two years ago, a young, heavily bearded entrepreneur named Steve Young created a Kickstarter campaign to promote his new invention, SYNEK: a craft beer dispensing system that filled the void in packaging between growlers and bottles. The idea resonated with the public: 2,191 backers pledged $648,535 to help bring the project to life. Encouraged by that success, Young is now developing a new product, called SOMM, for wine lovers. The Kickstarter campaign begins today.

Don’t Want to Wash Your Plates? Just Eat Them

ome ideas seem so crazy they’ll probably only find a home on Kickstarter. One such idea: edible plates. And sure enough, two young Belgian designers have turned the concept into a Kickstarter.

This Mug Will Solve Lukewarm Coffee

Finally, a way to salvage that last third of your cup of coffee: The Nano Heated Mug from Green Lama will keep your coffee warm for 45 minutes.

This Kickstarter Wants to Launch a Fermented-Coffee Craze

You ferment your wine; you ferment your cheese. Kombucha is a growing craze. Fermented foods are said to be good for the gut, great for the skin, and help reduce stress and anxiety. The newest product to be fermented? Coffee.

This Kickstarter Brings Molecular Gastronomy into Your Home Kitchen

A new device on Kickstarter wants to give everyone the opportunity to try their hand at spherification, taking a bit of the mystery out of molecular gastronomy.

Wine Packed with Edible Gold Flakes Ironically Trying to Raise $35,000

What wine are you planning to serve at your next classy dinner party? Why not pick up a bottle of Lesizza Gold 22K – a wine packed full of 22-karat edible gold flakes? Did I mention it’s from the famed vineyards of Slovenia?

These Scarves Are As Unique As Your DNA

We know it’s a bit early to stock up on scarves, but when you have the opportunity to get a one of a kind accessory you should take it. Seattle knitter Fabienne (aka fbz) has taken scarf-making to the next-level combining her textile talents with a love of math.

Dreams Can Come True: The World’s First Grilled Cheese Sandwich Subscription Service is Here

The Brits can keep their royal family and their world-class Premier League “Football.” But here’s one thing that probably will get us Americans jealous: our friends across the pond are getting what purports to be “The World’s First Grilled Cheese Sandwich Subscription” service.