Did Someone Finally Release KFC’s Secret Recipe?

One of the shrewdest moves a poker player can make is to maintain a stony stare even after his opponents have figured him out. To that end, KFC is keeping their “poultry face” as stoic as ever in the wake of a Chicago Tribune journalist’s claim that he has been given access to a long-forgotten transcription of Colonel Harlan Sanders’ trade secret fried chicken recipe.

Darrell Hammond Really Wanted to Be Your Colonel Sanders

When a company's founder is also their spokesperson, it gives them a unique and inimitable face for the public to bond with. But sadly, mortality can get in the way of that beautiful corporate/consumer relationship.

These KFC And McDonald’s Restaurants Banned Minors Because of Unruly Teens

Most fast food restaurants welcome kids with open arms. In fact, they tend to purposefully court them. McDonald’s has its Happy Meals. Burger King has its crowns. And if Taco Bell isn’t trying to appeal to teens, I don’t know what they hell they’re doing. But dealing with immature customers can also be a hassle, and a couple big fast food chains in one UK town have had enough.

The Real Colonel Sanders Hated Everything that KFC Became

A pathway in Louisville’s historic Cave Hill Cemetery leads straight to the man who changed the world of fried chicken forever.

This Fake KFC Was Too Much Like to the Real Thing to Stay Open in Iran

For one fleeting day, things in Iran were Finger Lickin’ good. But, unfortunately for lovers of fast food fried chicken, that could not last. A recently shuttered restaurant was deemed too much like an American KFC—a problem that made it anathema to leaders.

America, You Have a New Colonel Sanders and His Name Is Norm Macdonald

First, Darrell Hammond was Colonel Sanders. Actually—correction—first Colonel Harland Sanders was Colonel Sanders. This real Colonel actually started KFC and starred in many of the company’s ads.

KFC Is Giving Out Chicken Buckets that Are Also Photo Printers

What’s the problem with most fast food packaging? Clearly it’s that the packaging is not also a piece of wireless technology. KFC in Canada is taking care of that though. To celebrate the chicken chain’s 60th anniversary they designed the “Memories Bucket,” which, not only holds your eight-piece meal, but doubles as a photo printer. Presumably the actual electronics are insulated and cordoned off from any possible greasy chicken disasters.

The Deep-Fried Rat From KFC Is Almost Certainly Not a Deep-Fried Rat

Can we all just admit that this guy in California who claims KFC served him a deep-fried rat probably was not served a deep-fried rat?

Colonel Sanders Can Now Give You Driving Directions

Bored with the soothing but stilted sounds of the woman giving you GPS directions? Colonel Sanders has got you covered. From now until Aug. 16, users of the navigation app Waze can choose to use Colonel Sanders to give them directions.

Colonel Sanders Is Back and He Sounds More Like Bill Clinton Than Ever

2015 has been a productive year for Darrell Hammond. Last year, the former SNL cast member returned to the show as its announcer. However, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s prominent role in the upcoming presidential election, Hammond is back on-camera, reprising his old Bill Clinton impersonation. But now, Hammond is tackling another classic character, albeit one that carries a little less comedy street cred. KFC picked up the SNL star to reprise the role of their longtime spokesman and real-life founder, Colonel Sanders.