KFC Japan Released a Low-Odor Fried Chicken to Make Subway Cars Less Smelly

Public transportation has a lot of upsides: Beyond freeing you from the hassles and expenses of driving, trains and buses are also better for the environment. Of course, there are plenty of downsides too: The scheduling, the often circuitous routes, and the unpredictability of your fellow passengers… and their smells. With that last problem in mind, KFC Japan decided it wanted to do its small part to be less nasally intrusive on the subway—releasing a low-odor take on its classic fried chicken.

World’s Tiniest KFC Opened in Portland, Oregon

The holidays are all about tradition, and apparently KFC has a new one: Open the strangest restaurant it can think of in Portland, Oregon. Last year, the chicken brand created what was billed as the “World’s First Inflatable KFC Franchise”—a plastic blow-up “restaurant” that only served up inflatable drumsticks and other air-filled food.

KFC's Collection of Chicken-Themed Christmas Gifts Is Finger-Lickingly Festive

Kentucky Fried Chicken is letting you bring the Colonel home for the holidays with its limited edition “season-al” capsule collection.

KFC Commissioned a Painting of the Guy Who Figured Out Its Twitter Secret

Kentucky Fried Chicken has rewarded one smart Twitter user as part of its 11 herbs and spices gag.

KFC Romania Is Sending ‘Vampire Repellent’ Garlic Sauce Around the World for Halloween

Far-out fast food promotions have become the norm these days, seeing as the deluge of online and social media only allow the most eye-popping of ideas cut through the clutter. Still, a Halloween campaign coming out of KFC Romania is strange even by our newfangled standards.

Deep-Fried Mashed Potato & Gravy Balls Land at KFC Australia

In today's edition of "Why do other countries always get more interesting new fast food items," KFC Australia has introduced a snack called "Gravy Mashies"—deep-fried mashed potato balls with a dollop of KFC gravy in the center.

Would You Send Your Valentine a Heart-Shaped Box of KFC?

If nothing says "be mine" quite like a well-seasoned breast and wing combo, the KFC ChickenGram is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you. 

Available exclusively in Canada, the heart-shaped boxes of the colonel's signature fried chicken will be distributed to significant others, office crushes and any other important person in the lives of lucky contest winners.


KFC Is Making A Pizza With A Fried Chicken Crust Because This Is The World We Live In Now

It seems like KFC has taken a page out of Taco Bell's fried chicken-in-place-of-bread playbook with its latest creation: Chizza. 

Featuring a fried chicken crust, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, ham, pineapple and KFC’s "special cheese sauce," the personal-sized Chizza is a culinary dream for those who love to combine fast foods and/or are under the influence of marijuana.  

KFC China Attempting to Predict Customers’ Orders with Facial Recognition

Would you like fries with that? KFC hopes it may already know the answer. The fast food chicken chain has just started testing its first “smart” restaurant in Beijing where, upon entry, patrons can be identified using facial recognition software.

KFC Still Thinks People Enjoy the Scent of Artificial Fried Chicken

First they introduced the atrocity that is fried chicken-scented sunscreen and now, a "lucky" group from New Zealand will have their nostrils assaulted by KFC-inspired candles. 

The international fried chicken chain will be giving away the poultry-scented creations through a social media campaign that tasks fans with coming up with ideas for other merchandise.