You Can Buy a KFC Drumstick Preserved in Resin for $100

KFC Will Serve an Exclusive Mountain Dew Flavor That’s the ‘Perfect Pairing’ for Original Recipe Chicken

In the fine dining world, a perfect pairing might be Reblochon tarts with bacon and fingerling potatoes matched with a 2005 Logan Pinot Noir. But in the fast food world, it’s Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mountain Dew. These brands have a lot in common. They both target and appeal to a similar demographic.

Here's How KFC Picks Actors to Play Colonel Sanders

People who work in advertising often get a bad rap. Part of this is the company they keep: Advertising is creative work, but other creative types will often say that, since it’s inherently corporate, advertising is for sellouts and lacks prestige. But would you rather be a starving artist or get paid the big bucks to make tough marketing decisions… like who gets to be the next Colonel Sanders?

KFC Unleashes Computer-Generated Influencer on the World (and He’s Pretty Funny)

The life of a social media “influencer” is pretty great: You get all sorts of free stuff, and all you have to do is pretend to be someone you’re not on social media.

A KFC Bucket Hot Tub and a Colonel Sanders Ice Show Are Raising Funds on Indiegogo

Releasing bizarre branded items — like a faux bearskin run that looks like Colonel Sanders or an 11 herbs and spices firelog or an internet escape pod — has become a big part of KFC’s marketing.

7 Things I Learned at KFC Headquarters

Due to its ubiquity, it might be easy enough to disassociate Kentucky Fried Chicken from its home state where the original Colonel Sanders opened his first chicken restaurants in the 1950s. But, as even Top Chef acknowledged, KFC is part of Kentucky history.

KFC Hires RoboCop as Colonel Sanders, Doubles Down on Secret Recipe Security

For KFC, its original spokesperson, the late Colonel Harland Sanders, was probably its best marketing tool. That's why, for the past few years, the brand has been recasting the Colonel with a rotating ensemble of actors, comedians, pro wrestlers, and country singers, all donning the white suit and white goatee to fill Sanders' shoes.

KFC Created a Faux Bearskin Rug That Looks Like Colonel Sanders

According to Kentucky Fried Chicken, the 11 herbs and spices recipe that made the brand famous was created over 70 years ago. But for the past decade, it’s the KFC marketing team that’s been doing all the heavy lifting.

KFC Tests Cheetos Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken is great on its own, but it can be enhanced with a number of add-ons, from hot sauce to honey to gravy, syrup, and barbecue sauce. Fried chicken and cheese dust, however, isn’t normally a combination you’d expect to see on a national menu, but KFC’s latest innovation does just that. Beginning this week, the chicken chain is testing a sandwich made with Cheetos.

KFC Put Its 11 Herbs & Spices into a Firelog for Christmas