KFC Relaunches Chicken Wings and They're Very Good

Forget Waffles, KFC Is Testing Chicken and Donuts

Fried chicken and waffles have long been known as a heavenly mix of savory and sweet. But for those who don't mind kicking the starchy sweetness up a notch, there is another option: fried chicken and donuts. Sure, it's not as common of a combination, but it's landed on Kentucky Fried Chicken's radar.

KFC's New Video Game Lets You Date Colonel Sanders

KFC Adds Plant-Based Fried Chicken from Beyond Meat

If you thought fast food’s plant-based meat obsession was slowing down, think again: Tomorrow, it’s infiltrating an entirely new part of the industry: chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced it will begin trialing Beyond Fried Chicken on August 27 as part of a one-location test in Atlanta. Despite the limited scope, KFC says it's the first national American fast food chain to introduce planted-based chicken.

KFC Changes the Game for Menu Hacks With New 'Scoop' Policy

Funny how sometimes you don't notice something until it's specifically pointed out. For instance, KFC never scooped their sides. Instead, all of the sides — be it mashed potatoes or coleslaw or mac and cheese — were prepackaged in tiny bowls behind the counter, the lid already fitted on tight.

Chester Cheetah Is the New Colonel Sanders and, Yeah, This Totally Makes Sense

At this point, the white suit once donned by Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harland Sanders is the fashion equivalent of a revolving door.

An Australian KFC Is Shooting for a Michelin Star

If some of the best meals of your life haven’t been at “bad” restaurants and some of the worst meals at “good” restaurants, you don’t eat out enough. Who hasn’t unexpectedly stumbled upon that perfect greasy cheeseburger and sung its praises? Meanwhile, some fancy tasting menus feel built to be irksome and unsatisfying.

KFC's Cheetos Sandwich Goes Nationwide — Here's What We Thought of It

You Can Buy a KFC Drumstick Preserved in Resin for $100

KFC Will Serve an Exclusive Mountain Dew Flavor That’s the ‘Perfect Pairing’ for Original Recipe Chicken

In the fine dining world, a perfect pairing might be Reblochon tarts with bacon and fingerling potatoes matched with a 2005 Logan Pinot Noir. But in the fast food world, it’s Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mountain Dew. These brands have a lot in common. They both target and appeal to a similar demographic.