Part Beer, Part Doughnut, All Good

To quote Homer Simpson: “Doughnuts, is there anything they can’t do?” If we might answer his rhetorical question, no, there is not. That includes a Voltron-like fusing with his other favorite food group, beer. At Chicago’s Glazed and Infused head baker Chris White wanted to do something special for the city’s craft beer week. So he designed the IPDoughnut—the India Pal Doughtnut.

Oskar Blues Releases an IPA That Smells Like Weed

Any major hophead will tell you: Beer sometimes smells like marijuana. And as nationwide acceptance for marijuana grows, more and more breweries seem to be pushing the limits of promoting the natural similarities between beer and pot.

Stone Brewing Releases an IPA That's Meant to Be Aged

Aging IPA isn't typically the best idea. Though IPAs often come with a higher ABV (a trait that makes beer more conducive to aging), most are known for complex hop flavors and aromas, which will diminish over time.

This Beer Is Designed Specifically to Help You Solve Problems

Here’s a tidbit that should make every college student perk up: Alcohol may enhance your creative problem solving skills. According to scientific research by University of Chicago professor Jennifer Wiley, people are at their most creative when with a BAC of .075 percent. For those of you keeping track, that is slightly below the .08 percent that constitutes legal drunkenness.

10 Great Breweries From America’s Beer-Saturated Cities

One result of the craft beer explosion in the United States is that good beer is now being produced in some far-flung places. Local output also revs up regional pride, so expect the following list to be quite controversial. Livability.com—best known for listing the 100 best places to live in America—just released a ranking of the top 10 American beer cities, excluding Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Portland, to name a few.

What Your Favorite Beer Style Says About You

There’s a saying that anyone who claims not to like beer just hasn’t had the right beer. This year’s Great American Beer Festival showcased nearly 5,700 brews representing nearly 100 distinct styles. Even the pickiest drinker would have had a hard time not leaving happy. From crisp, refreshing pilsners to rich oatmeal stouts, every style of beer has its own unique character and story to tell. Here’s what your favorite kind of beer says about you.

You Might Be Hardwired to Hate Hoppy Beer

Over the past decade, the American craft beer movement has skewed hoppier and hoppier. IPAs, double IPAs and triple IPAs crowd beer store shelves. But if you’re someone who has never been able to get on board with the influx of bitter beer, the issue might actually be genetic.

Choosing a Session IPA for Your Marathon Drinking Session

National IPA Day is August 7, and we at FWx couldn’t be more excited. But I, for one, plan on maximizing my IPA intake while avoiding hospital intake by sipping on a special type of brew all holiday long.

5 Hoppy Beer Puns to Celebrate Craft Beer Week

It’s American craft beer week and in case you hadn’t noticed, there is more craft beer than ever before. Even though Americans are buying less beer in general than they were last year, sales of craft brews are up 16%. These beers are great, no doubt about it, but a good name can make a good beer a great beer. Celebrate this week with a punny IPA for yourself.

 Hopportunity Knocks, Caldera Brewing, Ashland Oregon