Ina Garten

Ina Garten Just Shared Her Favorite Super Bowl Dip Recipe

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, which means it’s time for nachos, wings, beer cocktails, and dip.

11 Ina Garten Quotes That Confirm Everything We Love About Her

February 2nd is notable for being Groundhog Day, but even more importantly, it’s Ina Garten’s birthday. Between all the amazing cake recipes and entertaining tips the Barefoot Contessa has shared with us over the years, we hope she's taking some of her own advice and celebrating in style in this year.

Ina Garten Admits She Never Watches Her Own Cooking Show: 'I'm Terrible!'

Ina Garten has many favorite things (truffle butter, French apple tarts, and her husband Jeffrey, for starters)—but her own cooking show is not one of them.

The One Book Ina Garten Thinks You Should Read

Between starring in her popular cooking show The Barefoot Contessa and authoring 10 cookbooks, it’s a miracle that Ina Garten has any time to read at all. But when she’s done in the kitchen, she returns to her roots in business with a surprising pick: a 656-page biography about Apple’s core innovator.

The One Ingredient the Barefoot Contessa Will Never Cook With

We all have that one food that makes us say yuck, never, get it off my plate now. And for the first time we're aware of, Barefoot Contessa host Ina Garten has confessed to the edible item that falls into this category for her.

Ina Garten is Auctioning Off a Brunch for Charity

If you and your five friends have nearly 10,000 dollars to spare, Ina Garten could be cooking brunch for you next spring.

Supporting Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center, the Barefoot Contessa star is offering a package that includes a delicious brunch at the historic 1770 House in East Hampton and a personal tour of her barn and gardens.


7 Ina Garten GIFs That Pretty Much Sum Up Election Night easy is that?

Ina Garten and Michelle Obama Are Too Cute for Words in New 'Barefoot Contessa' Preview

In adorable celebrities doing adorable things news, Ina Garten and First Lady Michelle Obama will sit down, sip tea and share vegetable tarts in a special episode of Barefoot Contessa (appropriately titled Barefoot in Washington).


Ina Garten Really Loves Jeffrey, and Admit It—You’re Jealous

Jeffrey Garten may be the most well-fed spouse in America. Spending 47 years as the husband to beloved chef and television host Ina Garten, he’s on the receiving end of some of most delicious-looking food porn ever broadcast.