Ina Garten

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Ina Garten’s ‘Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro' Returns in October

Ina Garten is living our dream life: Sourcing incredible ingredients, communing with chefs, and entertaining with casual elegance, all while filming her series Barefoot Contessa. But what endears Garten to us the most are her practical and professional cooking tips, served with a helping of her warm personality.

Ina Garten Reveals a Recipe from Her New Cookbook, and We'll Be Making It for the Rest of the Summer

If there’s anyone we trust to know exactly how to cook a simple but delicious summertime dish, it’s Ina Garten. She's known for effortlessly taking the stress out of cooking, after all, and for matching her dishes with a warm, inviting atmosphere—the kind that just spells endless summer.

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Ina Garten's Father's Day Menu Is Savory, Sweet, and Citrusy

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our dads—that person in your life that takes on the role of support and confidante, who always picks up the phone when you call, who gives you tough but much-needed advice in times of need or a just a hug when that’s all the moment calls for.

Ina Garten Announces Brand-New Cookbook

Barefoot Contessa fans, rejoice: Ina Garten is officially releasing her eleventh cookbook this year, according to a new interview with PEOPLE

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