Why Are Hershey’s Kisses Suddenly Missing Their Tips?

Hershey's Gold Bars Will Get a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tribute

The biggest news in the Hershey's bar world came last September when rumors swirled that the candymaker would debut a new, non-chocolate bar called Hershey's Gold, marking the first permanent expansion to the roster in over two decades.

Hershey Won’t Source Cocoa from Areas with New Deforestation

Similar to other beloved food items like wine grapes and coffee beans, cocoa is being threatened by global warming.

The Hershey's Latest 'Gold' Bar Is Not Made of Chocolate

That rare candy beast has been spotted in the wild: a Hershey's bar that isn't made of chocolate.

Hershey’s Wants Help Keeping Chocolate from Melting

When chocolate calls, you answer. That’s just Sweet Tooth 101. And now Hershey’s is seeking help in the battle against one of chocolate’s top foes: heat.

3-D Chocolate Selfies Are Now Possible at Chocolate World

If an entire theme park of chocolate wasn’t enough for the chocolate lover in your life, there is a whole new reason to head to Hershey World this May: The Pennsylvania chocolatier will be adding a 3-D chocolate printer as a permanent installation where, according to Ad Age, “consumers can order their own likenesses and other custom shapes.”

Hershey’s Developing Chocolate That Won’t Melt in Your Hand

Just in time for cooler weather, Hershey has joined the cadre of companies developing heat-resistant chocolate.