Guinness World Record

‘World’s Largest Hot Dog’ Title Claimed by Brooklyn Brand

We’re still a few days away from the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York, where reigning champ Joey Chestnut will try to best his record from last year — an insane 74 dogs in just ten minutes.

154-Cheese Pizza Breaks World Record for ‘Greatest Variety of Cheese on a Pizza’

Breaking a Guinness World Record is all about looking at what someone else has done and saying to yourself, “I can do more.” Of course, it also helps if you want to do more. For instance, the Guinness World Record for “most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute” is 254: Most people are probably happy to leave that one be.

Sorry, Snoop: The Largest Gin and Juice World Record May Have Already Been Broken

Rappers often talk about how when you’re on top, everyone is gunning for you. Turns out that’s even the case when you set the record for the world’s largest gin and juice!

Snoop Dogg Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Gin & Juice at BottleRock

As someone who clearly enjoys reading about food and wine, you likely spent at least part of your long weekend indulging in a tipple or two. But no matter how rowdy your Memorial Day holiday ended up, it’s highly unlikely you mixed up a cocktail as big as the one Snoop Dogg helped make on Saturday.

The World's Largest Whiskey Collection Is at This Scottish Hotel

When choosing a hotel, we all have certain amenities we look for: Maybe it’s free parking or a concierge? Maybe it’s in-room dining or a swimming pool? But if you demand accommodations that also offer a bare minimum of 1,031 different whiskies, well, only one hotel in the world is worthy of your five-star rating: The Glenesk in the Scottish village of Edzell.

24-year-old British Man Sets World Record for ‘Highest Bungee Dunk’ in a Cup of Tea

Guinness World Records just awarded a 24-year-old man a record for bungee jumping 240 feet to dunk a cookie in a cup of tea.

Chinese City Stripped of Its Fried Rice Record

Achieving food world records can be a fickle business. A Chinese city had to forfeit their record for largest serving of fried rice after Guinness World Records discovered the group behind the massive rice bowl had broken a key rule: their food wasn’t edible. Talk about splitting hairs.

World’s Most Expensive Cocktail May Have Its Guinness World Record Revoked

Can a cocktail be considered the “World’s Most Expensive” if no one actually paid to buy it? The answer, of course, should be no. This question is the crux of a controversy as the people at Guinness World Records look into whether they should strip an Australian bar of its cocktail title.

German Man Steals ‘World’s Largest Gape’ Record from American

You’re at a restaurant. You order the burger. It’s stacked so high your eyes nearly pop out of your head. “I can’t fit my mouth around that!” you exclaim. Your name is probably not Bernd Schmidt.