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This High-Protein Sourdough From Trader Joe’s Needs to Be on Your Grocery List

I believe too many people go through life avoiding bread, and when they do eat it, it’s pretty lackluster. I blame Wonder Bread and other sad, bleached loaves for making many people believe bread is tasteless and void of any real nutritional value.

Bread has nourished civilizations for thousands of years, and it can be a great source of fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients if you buy the right kind! Enter Trader Joe’s Sprouted Grain Sourdough—a recent addition to the grocer’s bakery section—which will boost your protein and fiber intake.

These Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods Are All Less Than $5 and Taste Better Than Takeout

Trader Joe’s is a paradise of frozen food—that doesn’t taste like frozen food.

The grocery store prioritizes ready-to-eat items, and over the years, has excelled at developing frozen meals that will fool your taste buds into thinking you ordered takeout from your favorite place down the block.

Aldi Is Selling Boxed Rosé Sangria (and It’s Under $10)

Before you roll your eyes at boxed wine, you should know that it’s not a faux pas anymore (in fact, it’s kind of a big trend!) We tried 23—yes, 23—different boxed wines and found that many were just as delicious and drinkable as their bottled counterparts.

25 Must-Have Trader Joe’s Products for Summer Entertaining

It’s no secret that summer is the ultimate season for entertaining. With rising temperatures and longer days comes extended cocktail hours and epic party spreads. While it can be a pain to plan and execute these seasonal soirees, we’ve learned that stocking up on affordable Trader Joe’s products is the easiest way to execute our crowd-friendly spreads without breaking the bank.

5 Healthy Items Trader Joe's Crew Members Love

Lidl Announces Next 25 U.S. Store Locations

Whole Foods To Curb Plastic Straw Use by July 2019

Whole Foods can't seem to stay out of the news—the grocery store made its third round of price cuts in April (which mainly affected produce, and not as much “center of store” items), has a spring rosé sale with select bottles under $10, and now accepts

I’m in a Committed Relationship With Supermarket Meals

The best thing I ate in Seattle, the other week, was a prime rib sandwich made with a nearly overwhelming quantity of seriously quality Pacific Northwest beef, and the perfect amount of horseradish. The bread was warm, and very fresh; the sandwich came with—because they asked, and I said yes, a thousand times yes—a considerable vessel filled with fragrant au jus, no charge.

Whole Foods Is Still America’s Priciest Grocer, According to Bank of America

Aldi Announces Goals to Cut Down on Plastic Packaging

It’s painfully clear that we have a plastic problem—over 8 million tons end up in the ocean every year, according to the Plastic Oceans Foundation. Recently, several brands have stepped up to address and cut down on their plastic use, from Starbucks testing compostable cups to Trader Joe’s working to use less plastic packaging in the produce section.