Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Returns for More ‘MasterClass’ Lessons

Chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay—whether you prefer him shouting at shamefully unqualified restaurateurs or mentoring the next generation of MasterChefs—is, at his heart, a teacher. Ramsay has brought his warm and confident professorial persona to a number of television series over the years in the U.K.

Gordon Ramsay Reveals One of His Favorite American Dishes

Gordon Ramsay stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss a few juicy topics, including that one time he cooked lunch for Vladimir Putin and an American dish he misses when he's at home in the U.K.

Gordon Ramsay's '24 Hours to Hell and Back' Will Get a Second Season

Gordon Ramsay seems bent on total Fox domination.

Nick Offerman's Father's Day Ritual, Plus Jon Hamm Describes the World's 'Loneliest' Baskin Robbins

Each week the Internet serves up a bevy of delicious videos and social media bites about food, and this week is no exception. Here are five of the best videos and most viral moments filling our feeds:

Gordon Ramsay's '24 Hours to Hell and Back' Will Feature Some Restaurant Disasters You Won't Believe

Food so old the cameraman almost throws up. A dead mouse stuck in a toaster. A jar of mayonnaise caked in mold.

What Gordon Ramsay Is Really Like on 'MasterChef'

We all know Gordon Ramsay’s reputation: Gruff, demanding, prone to shouting—but with an admittedly good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself every once in a

Exclusive: Watch Gordon Ramsay's Cameo in the 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' Reboot

When he's not fixing struggling restaurants, hosting TV cooking competitions, and dressing up as Mrs. Doubtfire, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has another budding career in the works: cartoon voiceover artist.

Gordon Ramsay Dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire on 'MasterChef Junior'

You might expect a lot of things out of Gordon Ramsay when it comes to cooking competitions: harsh critiques, relentless insults, swearing. But as any fan of MasterChef Junior will tell you, the chef and TV host is a big old softie when it comes to kids.

Amazon's Gordon Ramsay 'Alexa Skill' Will Actually Berate Your Cooking

You would think that after witnessing it, most people would not want to recreate the experience of being in the proximity of an enraged, screaming Gordon Ramsay ripping into chefs' cooking skills and/or other perceived personal deficiencies, but each week disproves this thesis further and further. Yes, hot off the heels of the staggeringly successful opening of Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas, Ramsay is lending his trademark berating to a much smaller, domestic device: the Amazon Alexa.

Gordon Ramsay's Favorite Place to Travel

Most people marvel at the percentage of their lives they spend sleeping. For Gordon Ramsay, it’s the incredible amount of time he spends sleeping on airplanes. (If he sleeps at all.)