All the Cool Things You Can Do With Google’s New Dining Features

For all the joys of dining out, there are plenty of stress factors, and deciding what to order is definitely up there. You say “I’ll go last” as your eyes dart frantically between the ravioli special and the pan-seared fish; you place your order, and then wonder if you made the right choice as the server walks away.

Google Launches Interactive Site to Fight Food Waste

One of the hottest causes of the past few years, the conversation around reducing food waste has inevitably waned a bit from the days when it seemed like slashing waste was all grocery stores, restaurants, and even brewers

Why Google Made Commercials for a Fake Food Brand

The impact of “fake news” on social media has been a hot topic recently; meanwhile, Google and YouTube have been dabbling in a slightly different kind of endeavor: fake advertisements. In fact, Google created a whole fake food brand and ran over 33 fake commercials on YouTube, racking up 20 million impressions—all as an experiment to learn more about how advertisements work.

Google's Salad Emoji Gets a Vegan-Friendly Update

To put it one way, an emoji is a small image intended to represent what would otherwise be a long string of words. But as a whole, this globally-accepted set of 2,666 Unicode characters also represents who we are as a people. It’s part of the reason we discuss things like which foods get emojis and which don’t: It reflects where different foods rank in importance on the, uh, food chain.

The Latest Google Maps Update Could Make It Your Go-To Restaurant App

The Internet was made for food. Sure there's news and information and some other stuff online, but what we really care about is the food. From restaurant lists and reviews to social media photos of the most Instaworthy dishes to keeping up with chefs' pop-ups and political causes, we've got a huge appetite for consumer food online which translates into our consuming it in real life.

“Turn Left at Taco Bell”—Google Maps Uses Fast Food Restaurants to Give Directions

When you give directions to a friend, you typically take a much different approach than a GPS device. For instance, you’re unlikely to say, “Turn right in 1.3 miles,” in part because decimals were never your strong suit.

The Most Popular Cuisines by County According to Google Location Data

The amount of information you can glean from tracking location data on people’s cellphones is downright frightening. But once you accept that it's 1984 incarnate and a clear signpost of the end of our personal freedoms as we know it, it’s pretty damn cool as well!

Don't Know What Wine To Serve, Google Is Here to Help

OK Google, what goes with the chicken I just made?

Google Can Tell You If Your Favorite Bar Is Crowded In Real Time

Google Maps already contains an insane amount of stuff. Gone are the days of the app simply getting you to and fro. Now you can book a reservation or order delivery. Google Maps even uses your location data to remind you if you’ve been somewhere before. And now, in a cool new feature for the agoraphobic, the app can tell you how busy places are in real time – helpful stuff if you’re like me and always looking to drink alone!

Axl Rose Wants Google to Kill His ‘Fat’ Meme

The music Axl Rose makes with his band Guns N’ Roses sounds nothing like the music of Barbra Streisand. I’m guessing he probably doesn’t listen to much music by the singer. Either way, he certainly doesn’t understand the “Streisand effect.”