The Turbulent History of Gin, As Told By the Internet

It’s been a turbulent couple of centuries for gin, the herbaceous spirit that people either love or hate.

15 Shocking Facts Most People Don't Know About Their Favorite Liquors

Find out 15 little known facts about your favorite imbibements of choice.

The Best-Ever Gin and Tonic

Prime Meats

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A Brief History of the Negroni

Once consumed primarily by old-school drinkers in the know, the bitter, boozy Negroni has become a cocktail menu fixture with as many variations as there are bottles in a bar. To celebrate Negroni Week, here’s a quick look at the classic Campari drink’s journey from a café in Florence to every bar in the US.

How to Taste 50 Gins

American Gin

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3 DIY Gifts for Cocktail-Lovers

Sitting down at one of Greg Seider’s New York City bars (Manhattan Cricket Club, Summit Bar) it’s hard not to quiz the bartender on the contents of each and every little bottle lined up at the bar. (This, it turns out, is not the way to make bartender friends.)

4 Old-School English Gins That Belong in Your Home Bar

American craft gins are enjoying quite a heyday right now, and it’s great to see liquor store shelves stocked with intriguing new spirits flavored with Douglas fir and California bay laurel. But any gin enthusiast should have a firm grasp on the classics, and it doesn’t cost much to educate yourself on the distinguished English gins that bartenders have revered for decades. Every home bar should include at least one of these tasty stalwarts.

When It's Good to Smell Like Gin or Whiskey

Usually, people take steps to avoid smelling like booze. But this perfumer encourages you to smell like a happy hour. Commodity, which originally launched as a massively successful Kickstarter, is now available at Sephora. They make cocktail-inspired scents like gin and whiskey, but don’t worry, you won’t smell like a stale bar. Rather, Commodity created the fragrances based on sentimental association with your favorite spirit using ingredients like bergamot, eucalyptus and mahogany.

Would You Drink Gin Made From Lobsters?

A chef in Belgium claims he’s created the world’s first “lobster gin”—a drink that is, as the name would suggest, a gin made from lobsters. The product will hit the market next month; meanwhile, a couple questions are still up for debate, including whether it’s cruel to crustaceans or whether it’s even gin at all.

This Week in Food News: Golden Gin, Heavy Metal McDonald and Harry Styles’s Face on a Burger

The Internet is a black hole for strange, weird and wonderful things—especially when it comes to food. Rather than dive in yourself, let FWx do it for you. Here, five of the most absurd food items we saw this week.