The Story Behind London's Gin Revival — Plus, Where to Drink

The history of gin is inextricable from the history of London. This was the city that fell prey to the infamous “Gin Craze” in the 1700s; embraced gin in classic cocktails as much as a century ago; and is still home of one of the world’s stalwart distillers, Beefeater. Even the best-known style of gin tells the city’s story: London Dry.

‘World’s Oldest Message in a Bottle’ Contained Gin Over 130 Years Ago

Today, plenty of social media apps like Snapchat specialize in making sure your alcohol-soaked messages are deleted not long after you’ve sent them.

Ryan Reynolds Is the New Owner of Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds now has unlimited access to a certain booze.

The actor, writer and producer is adding another role to his lengthy resume—owner of Aviation Gin.

“Aviation is the best tasting gin in the world. Once I tried it, I knew I wanted to get involved with the company in a big way,” Reynolds said in a statement. The 41-year-old will play an active role in the day-t0-day business and oversee creative direction of the company.

Gordon’s Gin Is Promising Free Gin & Tonics to Delayed Commuters

For commuters, ditching your car to ride the rails is supposed to be the more convenient option. You can say goodbye to the road rage of traffic and parking, and since you won’t be behind the wheel, you’re even free to indulge in an after-work alcoholic beverage. But needless to say, trains aren’t foolproof: They can also incur delays or even cancellations, providing an even bigger headache than a car ever could.

A ‘Gin Spa’ Has Opened Up in Scotland

The Brits love their gin. The juniper-flavored (or should we say “flavoured”) spirit has a long history with the British Isles but has also seen a renaissance across the pond in recent years. And now, the United Kingdom’s gin obsession has reached a point where people are apparently willing to slather themselves in the stuff—almost literally.

This Gin Distillery Has a Secret Apartment for World-Class Bartenders

Chiswick is a serene neighborhood on the west side of London. It has historic pubs that serve Sunday roasts, a village green surrounded by 18th-century homes, a museum that houses Old Master paintings, even a Soho House outpost. It’s a leafy, desirable place to live or visit.

How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic, According to José Andrés

This Top Shelf Gin Is Infused With Old Harley-Davidson Parts

I once tried a beer for no reason other than because it was named "Old Engine Oil." Though it's the same color as the 5w30 motor oil I drain every few thousand miles, this black ale tasted good enough on its own merits—thankfully, it didn't share many taste characteristics with actual engine oil.

Manhattan's Best Gin Bars

When you’re after a great G&T, martini, or Southside, who can you trust to point you in the right direction? A gin professional. Jacob Ryan is the New York-based brand ambassador for the Australian distillery Four Pillars Gin — so knowing the city’s best gin bars is, indeed, well within his job description. We asked Ryan to share his go-to gin bars in Manhattan; here’s what he had to say.   

Gin Has Been Saved From Possible Extinction

Thanks to some hard-working brits.