Oyster Shell Gin Is One Restaurant Chain's Answer to Reducing Waste

After slurping down an oyster, many people return the shell to its bed of ice upside-down. Beyond showing your companions which oysters have been eaten, the move also offers a feeling of finality—of accomplishment. I ate that oyster! And yet, no matter how you flip it, that oyster shell is getting tossed in the trash like all the others. But the London seafood chain Wright Brothers has finally found a use for its oyster shell waste: making oyster shell gin.


How Hendrick’s Master Distiller Lesley Gracie Is Shaping the Future of Gin

With all due respect to the Queen, Buckingham isn’t the only palace in the United Kingdom we’re paying attention to. Roughly 400 miles northwest of Westminster, in the remote seaside Scottish town of Girvan, sits the Gin Palace—an iron-and-glass temple dedicated to the production of Hendrick’s Gin.

A Scottish Distillery Produced the 'World's First Brussels Sprouts Gin'

Why worry about eating your vegetables when you can drink them — yes, in the tippling sense — instead? Brits can sip through their Brussels sprouts with a tonic mixer this holiday season. In preparation for Christmas, a Scottish distillery has made what it's billing as the "world's first Brussels sprouts gin."

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‘Pea Gin' Could Be a Breakthrough for More Environmentally-Friendly Cocktails

Though the hype has settled a bit, gin is still a buzzworthy spirit that's brushed off the dust to once again emerge as a hip liquor cabinet go-to. But a new study suggests that there's a way gin could be even more on-trend: if it was even more environmentally-friendly by being made from peas.

This Low-ABV ‘Gin’ Is the Same Strength as a Light Beer

Canned cocktails and hard seltzer have been a growing trend for drinkers looking for an alternative to beer. But over in England, a distillery has gone even further, attempting to recreate a full-blown “gin” (in quotes because it doesn’t fit the legal definition of gin) that has the same ABV as a Miller Lite.

9 Great Gins for Summer Cocktails

And you thought you were into gin. At her St. Louis bar The Gin Room, Natasha Bahrami stocks more than 300 different gins, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (or “ginberg”): She estimates she has another 700 to 800 in her private collection.

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5 Gins With Offbeat Botanicals to Try Now

It’s been an interesting botanical-filled few weeks at Food & Wine—our edit team has tasted more than fifty gins for an upcoming piece in the magazine. We’ve sipped the gamut, from pedestrian London dries to spirits that truly highlight gin’s full potential. While our Ray Isle will be sharing his shortlist in our May issue, I couldn’t wait to share my list of off-the-beaten-path favorites.