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Domino's Ended That Free Pizza Offer for People Who Got Tattoos of the Company Logo

The siren song of free pizza is strong. In Russia, in fact, it has turned out to be too strong: due to overwhelming participation, Domino’s Pizza has had to shut down an offer of 100 years of free pizza for customers who got the Domino’s logo as a tattoo.

How to Get Free McDonald's French Fries All Month

There’s a hotly contested notion in the fast food world as to whether McDonald’s French fries are the best in the business. Some people believe the chain sets the standard while others extoll the virtues of Wendy’s, In-N-Out, and other outlets. Regardless of whether Mickey D’s fries are the best, this month they’re certainly the cheapest. Free, in fact.

Chipotle Offers Free Delivery for Two Weeks

Where to Get Free Food and Other Labor Day Deals This Weekend

Despite the summer weather, if you haven't seen the writing on the wall (or smelled the pumpkin spice in the air), fall is coming. No surer sign of that imminent transition exists than the day when we kick back with a beer and put away our white pants for the year: Labor Day.

How to Get a Free Dairy Queen Sundae or Shake This Week

Score Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Red Lobster Delivery on 'Just Because Day'

Sometimes chain restaurants provide us with a sense of comfort and the familiar we just can’t get anywhere else. That is, except perhaps in our own home.

This App Offers Free Beer Just for Rating Breweries 

As the number of breweries in America has exploded to 6,655, going to a brewery is different than it used to be.

You Can Get a Free Einstein Bros. Bagel Today Thanks to One of the Weirdest Promotions Ever

It’s super easy to get a free bagel today at Einstein Bros. Bagels. But how you get your freebie might seem a little strange.

National Frozen Custard Day 2018: Where to Get Free Treats

Happy National Frozen Custard Day 2018!

Yes, yet another fake food holiday is being celebrated, and this one is perfectly timed to honor a treat that’ll help you cool off during the latest heat wave.

Today is National Frozen Custard Day, and restaurant chains like BurgerFi, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, and Rita’s Italian Ice have free frozen custard deals and other super cool offers available all day on Wednesday, August 8.

Score Free Chicken Tenders at Wendy's—But You'll Need the Secret Password