Food Art

This Instagrammer Recreates ‘Starry Night’ and The Death Star With Fried Eggs

A Mexican Instagrammer is creating food art that will make you egg-static. Michele Baldini, a 20-year-old medical student from Mexico is transforming Instagram’s #breakfast tag with her love for a morning dish staple: eggs.

Annual NYC Can Sculpture Competition Isn't Just for Show

With nearly 1.3 million New Yorkers struggling to put food on their tables every year, according to food rescue organization City Harvest, food insecurity is a major problem in the city.

How to Quit Your Job and Take Pictures of Food for a Living

Ida Skivenes has one of those jobs it's easy for someone who punches a clock and has to show up to a cubicle every day to regard with a bit of professional envy.

This Dad Creates Impressive, Heartwarming Toast Sculptures for His Daughters' Breakfast

Some sculptors make art out of bronze, some make art out of marble, and some make art out of a couple slices of toast bread.

These Architectural Pastries Are Absolutely Stunning

Welcome to the pastry world of Dinara Kasko.

Meringue Coffee Is Pretty Much a Work of Art

This is definitely the fanciest cup of coffee you'll ever have.

This Yoda Food Art Will Totally Mess with Your Eyes

Careful how you look at it.

Apple Redrew Its Food Emojis, Including Making the Peach Look Less Like a Butt

iPhone users who have fired up their food emojis in the past 24 hours may notice some differences both big and small. Apple recently began rolling out iOS 10.2, meaning updated devices now have full access to Unicode 9. That includes major additions like the new avocado emoji, but the Apple team also decided to make some more subtle changes – including redrawing the peach to look less like a butt. Change is tough.

These Cakes Look Unsettlingly Like Other Foods

Too real cakes. Too real.

James Franco’s Latest Artistic Medium is...Corn Syrup

The film star made a very sticky video to celebrate Italy’s famous glazed sculptures.