Facebook Flags Plastic King Cake Babies for Nudity

Facebook Just Made It Super Easy for You to Watch Cheese Vids With Your Pals

A new addition to Facebook called Watch Party lets groups come together to watch pre-recorded or live videos.

Facebook Local Wants to be your New Yelp, Foursquare, Calendar, and Just About Everything Else

Facebook's ability to be a one-stop resource expanded even further today as it released potentially huge two new features: the Facebook Local app, and Stories for Events.

You Can Now Order Food Directly From Facebook

Facebook is already a go-to hub for interactions with family and friends, finding local businesses and occasionally asking your social network for recommendations.

Morgan Freeman Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Robot Butler

Freeman was selected by popular demand on Facebook

Brands on Facebook Can Now Send You Ads via Chat, With a Catch

Messaging your favorite brands through Facebook with questions about Quesaritos or complaints about holiday cup designs may seem like an innocent enough way to kill some time – I’m looking at you, bored teenagers, stoned college students and bored old folks – but moving forward, you may want to be extra scrupulous when deciding to use Facebook Messenger to do things like ask Arby’s what’s up with its venison sandwiches, lest you get pinged with ads for the rest of your life.

Woman Facing Jail Time for Selling Ceviche on Facebook

Facebook may be a great place to socialize with other people online, but officials in San Joaquin County want you to know that if you plan on selling those people food, you may be breaking the law. According to reports, authorities in the California county are taking a woman to court for selling homemade ceviche as part of a Facebook group, and if convicted, she could face up to a year in jail.

Facebook Will Soon Give You the Option to Order Food and Buy Movie Tickets

You’ll also be able to crowd source recommendations and map out suggestions from friends.

There Won't Be Any Facebook Food in China

Would you be interested in Facebook brand potato chips? Or how about Facebook brand coffee and canned vegetables? Well you won’t be able to give a thumbs up or even a smiley face emoji to them. A court in China has overturned a local company’s attempt to trademark the name “face book” to sell food, beverages and snacks.

Facebook Messenger Wants to Replace Your Food Delivery App

Facebook is looking to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. At this week’s annual developers conference, Facebook announced the creation of chat bots for companies to use in connection with their Facebook business pages.

“I’ve never met anyone who likes calling a business,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the keynote. “And no one wants to install an app for each business.”