White Wine Emoji Fails to Get Approval from Unicode (Again)

Petition Seeks to Give Almonds Their Own Emoji

Frank Zappa famously quipped that you can’t be a real country unless you have a beer. Well, a modern spin on that concept might be that you can’t be a real food unless you have an emoji. Currently, the Unicode Standard has 2,823 emojis, but a mere 105 of those are in the food and drink category according to Emojipedia. As a result, we’ve seen plenty of petitions for different items to finally get the icon they deserve.

There’s No ‘Chef’s Kiss’ Emoji, So This Designer Went Ahead and Made One

There’s pretty much an emoji for every situation. Heck, there are even a bunch that don’t seem ideal for any situation (I’m looking at you, Money-Mouth). But among the dozens of official Unicode Consortium keyboard emoji, there’s one tiny face that food lovers are sorely missing: The chef’s kiss.

Google's Salad Emoji Gets a Vegan-Friendly Update

To put it one way, an emoji is a small image intended to represent what would otherwise be a long string of words. But as a whole, this globally-accepted set of 2,666 Unicode characters also represents who we are as a people. It’s part of the reason we discuss things like which foods get emojis and which don’t: It reflects where different foods rank in importance on the, uh, food chain.

All the New Food Emojis That Have Just Been Announced

A picture is worth a thousand words… except in the case of emojis where a picture is worth one word – maybe a phrase at most. For this reason, we constantly need more emojis – because it’s hard to get across the idea of a lobster through emojis without a literal lobster emoji. Luckily, the Unicode Consortium is constantly at work digging through the globe’s emoji requests and expanding the list.

Google Fixes Its Cheeseburger and Tops Off Beer Emojis in Latest Android Update

Last month, Google sparked a global debate on an unusual topic for a tech company: Where does the cheese belong on a cheeseburger? The controversy began when it was pointed out that Google’s cheeseburger emoji chose to place its slice of American under the patty: an atypical choice seeing as melting cheese under the beef on a grill would be messy, to say the least.

Venmo and Aldi's Turkey Hand Emoji Lets You Donate Meals to the Needy

European supermarket chain Aldi continues to expand its discount grocery reach across America, but through a new partnership with Venmo, it's feeding America at an even bigger discount thanks to a brand new, custom-designed emoji.

Google's CEO Just Promised to 'Drop Everything' to Fix its Cheeseburger Emoji

Google takes its emojis very seriously.

Responding to criticism about the placement of cheese on Google’s version of the cheeseburger emoji, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he would take a look at the issue immediately.

“Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday :) if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!” Pichai tweeted.

Maine Wants a Lobster Emoji. Here’s What 5 Other States Should Request

Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine has a modest request for the council that oversees emojis: Consider the lobster.

Bagel and Cupcake Emojis Could Be Coming Soon

Sometime in the next few months, 13 new food emojis will be making their way to your handsets and keyboards. After lots of speculation over the past few months, we can reveal the final new emoji rollout list for 2017 promises coconut, broccoli, pretzel, cut of meat, sandwich, bowl with spoon, canned food, dumpling, fortune cookie, takeout box, pie, cup with straw, and chopsticks emojis will be dropping before the end of year.