Dining Out

This Is the Best Restaurant in the U.S., According to New Ranking

It seems like there's a new method of ranking restaurants every week, but this one has seriously caught our attention, in part because it's chosen by robots. (Well, sort of.)

10 Deciding Factors Diners Consider Before Choosing a Restaurant

What's the biggest deciding factor when choosing a restaurant to dine at with friends and family? If you're like the majority of Americans, health and safety is probably foremost in your mind. With the rise of the internet and the wealth of information at our fingertips, it almost seems as if there are daily food recalls and warnings to worry about—both in our home kitchens and while eating out.

You Can Eat at a Michelin-Rated Restaurant for $40 or Less. Here’s How

Eating at a restaurant with a Michelin star can easily set a person back by hundreds of dollars. At New York City’s Per Se, which has 3 Michelin stars, a nine-course tasting menu is $325 per person, while at fellow 3-star restaurant Benu in San Francisco, a tasting menu is $285.

Anthony Bourdain Pushes Back Opening Date of His Massive NYC Market 2 Years

Only a few weeks’ ago, Anthony Bourdain told Adweek that when it comes to his planned massive NYC food market, “We've got to get it right.” Well, turns out getting things right will take at least two years longer than anticipated. The website for the superstar chef’s forthcoming facility has recently updated its language to say “coming 2019” as opposed to its previous 2017 prediction.

America Has Decided It Would Rather Eat Out Than Cook

This is pretty incredible: for the first time in history, Americans are spending more money at bars and restaurants than on their own groceries. According to data from the U.S.

Is the No Tipping Trend Actually Trending Downward?

It’s been seven months since Danny Meyer took the restaurant world by storm when he announced that he would end tipping in all 13 of his New York City-based restaurants. Some surmised that Meyer’s move could be the impetus that finally altered America’s tip-happy dining culture. But to what extent is implementing gratuity-free dining plausible in the world outside of a highly-regarded New York City restaurant group?

This New Group Will Help You Bring Your Kids to Fancy Restaurants

Brining young kids to nice restaurants is a constant point of contention for all parties involved. Parents just want to be able to enjoy a night out while also fulfilling their natural duty of keeping the planet populated. Non-parents are like, “hey, we didn’t tell you to get yourself into that mess.” And while the restaurants get caught in the middle, they also have their own problems trying to dodge toddlers running around like they own the joint.

This Restaurant Will Charge You a Fee for Skipping Your Entree

Should patrons of a restaurant be penalized for taking up space without ordering a meal? One restaurant in Zurich says yes and is charging these customers a fee if they decline to order an entrée.

Chili’s CEO Says ‘No’ to No Tipping

Even though it may seem as if “no tipping” policies are sweeping the restaurant world, the CEO behind two of the US’s largest restaurants has come out against the idea.

The Heavier the Waiter, the More Food You Order, Says Study

When dining out, your server can certainly influence what you eat: Maybe he makes the evening’s specials sound extra tantalizing or guides you away from a not-so-stellar chicken dish. But it turns out one of the biggest influences a waiter may have over your ordering started years ago—when he decided to stop going to spin classes.