Dining Etiquette

10 Trendy Tablecloths We’re Loving Right Now

Tablecloths are cool again. That’s right, they’re not just for special occasions. Runners, table linens, and placemats can change the feel of a kitchen or dining space. Match your decor, buy a few in the same color to rotate between washes, or even choose a material to match the season (we like linen for the warmer months, just like clothes). Tablecloths shield your table from stains, scratches and rings, and we've got you covered for the best options out there. See below for our picks to soften and spruce up your dining table.

Houston Restaurant Wants Diners to Take Care of Their Freakin’ Kids

Stopping your children from causing mayhem while out at a restaurant is just good, respectful parenting. But after one major incident, a restaurant in Houston decided it couldn’t always rely on its patrons’ desire to adhere to societal norms and started handing out etiquette cards with menus to parents – a decision that’s garnered plenty of attention.

When Should a Waiter Remove a Diner’s Dinner Plate?

I’ll admit it: I like having my plate cleared as soon as I am done eating. Why must I be stuck with a giant empty plate in front of me while the rest of my table finishes? With all of this extra space I can easily reach for my glass of wine. My wife firmly disagrees with my stance. And, so do most proponents of modern etiquette.

Iowa Restaurant Offering Discount to Diners Who Give Up Their Phone While Eating

If the company of fellow diners isn’t enough to get you to put down your cellphone, how about this offer: a 10 percent discount?

Sneaky’s Chicken, a restaurant in Sioux City, Iowa, has launched a promotion on Wednesday nights called Back in the Day Dinner. Servers bring boxes to the table and if everyone in the group stashes their cellphones, the guests get 10 percent off their bill.