And the Most Ordered Food in America Is…

Here’s a stat that might surprise you: The most popular takeout food in the US isn’t an old standard like pizza or Chinese. It’s chicken wings. But the rise of wings has coincided with a drop in their spice.

GrubHub compiled data from the past year’s worth of orders, looking at information from its network that includes 30,000 restaurants and more than 4 million diners. Surprisingly, chicken wings ranked as the most ordered item in the country.

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10 Ways to Endear Yourself to a Delivery Person

You might not realize it, but once your food order leaves a restaurant it goes into the hands of one of the most important people in your life. In a very direct way, the person carrying your food is in charge of making sure you get fed. Even if your interaction with him lasts only as long as it takes to grab an order of pad see ew, befriending a delivery person is the best way to guarantee good service from a restaurant in the future. Whatever happens on your doorstep will be remembered.

1. Show you care for their well being.

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