Momofuku's Ando Will Deliver Some (Superbly Spicy) New Dishes

For the last few days, a NYC Cheesesteak has been getting a ton of play online. That's because it's the newest dish from David Chang and his just-launched Momofuku food delivery service and app Ando, which is currently serving a very small portion of New York City, but will expand.

Domino's Pizza Saved a Man's Life

Pizza is so great, I could it every day. I mean, not that I would. That would be expensive and do unpleasant things to my digestive system, but in my mind a daily pizza would be like a little slice of heaven. Apparently one man in Oregon was living his bliss in just such a way, as he was a regular customer at his local Domino's. So regular, in fact, that when he didn't call in his usual order the staff became alarmed.

Amazon Jumps on the Meal Kit Bandwagon

Amazon is expanding their AmazonFresh service and jumping on the ever-growing meal kit delivery bandwagon. It will not however, have the same catchy ring as a Blue Apron or a Plated. The new service will be in partnership with Tyson Foods and will reportedly be named Tyson Taste Makers.

Delivery Men Scale Walls to Bring Food to Students in China

What's a delivery person supposed to do if the college he's bringing food to bans restaurant vehicles and builds a wall to keep students on-campus all week? In parts of China, the answer is: Scale the wall and drop dinner down to its rightful owner using a rope.

Per Se Alum Now Cooking for "Delivery Only" Restaurant on Seamless

Not too long ago, if you wanted to order dinner from apps like Seamless or GrubHub, you were probably looking at downmarket sushi, burritos, burgers, or Asian food. Not fine dining, not Per Se. Well, the world keeps changing, and now you're going to start seeing more online menus hawking fancy foods made from scratch and made to order.

The Machines Have Risen: Drone Food Delivery Is Already Here

It’s always when we’re at our most hungry that our takeout will take over an hour to arrive.

The food delivery business is ripe with competition, and one company hopes speedy delivery is one way to get out in front of the crowd. Enter FoodPanda, the world’s largest food delivery service, that is employing drone delivery airdrop food to front doors in as little as 20 minutes.

Food Delivery by Drone Is Coming Really Soon

Flying pizzas may soon become a reality in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Ralf Wenzel, CEO of Foodpanda (a global food-delivery company that works with more than half a billion restaurants) says they have the technical chops to deliver food via drone in most of their 24 participating cities. They've tested extensively in Singapore—for balance, obstacle avoidance, and battery life—and are preparing to roll out the service in the next few months.

Your Next Domino's Pizza Order Could Be Delivered by a Robot

The future is now. Or at least soon, according to Domino's Pizza in Australia. The pizza chain has just announced plans for an automated pizza delivering machine called Domino's Robotic Unit, or DRU for short. The autonomous vehicle will keep pizzas in a warm chamber while on the move, and once it's creeped it's way onto their lawn, customers will access their pre-ordered pizza by punching in a code. And you thought Domino's pizzas were soulless before! Just kidding.

Google Wants to Deliver Your Groceries

The battle to deliver your groceries has just intensified. Google this week announced it is delivering fresh food—including fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs—in parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles. That means the company is competing directly with Amazon and Target in a huge national market.

UberEats Is Going to Take a Huge Cut from Restaurants for Delivering Food

Having conquered the business of delivering people from one destination to another, Uber hopes move on to delivering food – and the company is planning on charging rates that reflect it big name stature.