Grubhub Just Made It Easier to Split the Takeout Bill

It used to be if you ordered delivery from the local pizzeria or that "really good" Chinese restaurant that was just too far to walk to, you had to have cash on hand. Further complicating things was whether or not any friends hanging out at your pad had their share of the tab in their pockets as well.

Domino's App Will Let You Order Pizza at the Beach or a Park (This Could Get Dangerous!)

Ordering pizza is normally a straightforward process: You call or log on to the app, place your order, give your address, and boom—pizza in 30 minutes (or, okay, more like an hour). But what about when you're at the beach or hanging out in your favorite grassy meadow at the park and your stomach starts sending those pizza pangs to you brain? You just put that blanket down and you're not about to give up that prime suntanning spot!

Learning to Cook My Favorite Takeout Dishes Helped Me Kick My Delivery Habit

Apple Pay Is Offering Free Online Restaurant Delivery for Two Weeks

Over any two-week period, plenty of people are likely to order restaurant delivery online at least once… if not at least 14 times. (Cough.) From now until April 2, Apple Pay is offering to save you a few bucks when you inevitably do. However, taking advantage of this promotion isn’t as easy as drunkenly ordering a pizza at 2 a.m. in the morning. You have to follow a few steps.

Why Delivery Is So Difficult for Some Big Restaurant Chains

We’ve been ordering food to our front doors for decades. And yet, some places still haven't figured out how to pull it off.

UberEats Is Planning to Expand to 100 More Cities

Uber revolutionized the way people hail a ride, sparking the taxi app revolution across the globe.

Brandon Jew Is Getting into the Delivery Game

Don't want to go out this weekend? Here's your ultimate excuse to stay in. Chef Brandon Jew of the Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Mister Jiu’s is testing out a new project this weekend that will have San Franciscans reaching for their Caviar apps: A delivery-only concept called Mamahuhu.

Ford and Postmates Team Up to Test Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

At CES 2018, Ford announced that it will team up with Postmates to test autonomous delivery vehicles.

7-Eleven Is the Latest Big Name to Up Its Delivery Game

As we reflect on the trends that defined 2017, few were as big as delivery.

You Can Finally Make Food Appear by Waving a Wand

From picking up a phone and dialing to picking up a smartphone and tappig to talking to a digital assistant, technology has continued to make ordering food easier and easier. In fact, compared to what we used to do, the way food is ordered online today is a bit like magic. But for the London-based online food delivery giant Just Eat, “a bit like magic” isn’t good enough.