Starbucks Rolls Out Uber Eats Delivery Expansion

As fast and easy as ordering your coffee to-go via a mobile app has become, some days are so busy it feels like even popping down to the coffee shop is too much a time suck to be worth the trip. Thankfully, like other convenience food outlets, coffee shops are starting to hop on board the delivery bandwagon including, now, the biggest name in the business: Starbucks.

DoorDash Now Handles Deliveries in All 50 States, an Industry First

Part of what has made the food delivery landscape so competitive is pure logistics. The United States is a big place and delivering food to all of it out of the gate would be virtually impossible. So instead, different purely-delivery services have tended to target specific areas.

Postmates Has a New Autonomous Rover That Will Bring You Deliveries

Uber Eats Plans Expansion of Food Delivery Service to U.S. Suburbs

This Massive 20-Square-Foot Pizza Is the Largest You Can Get Delivered 

Pizza is one of the greatest foods known to man. The fact that it can be delivered to us on demand has to be one of the defining accomplishments of the modern world. The only problem, though, is that it has previously been impossible to order a pizza tall enough to hypothetically ride a rollercoaster if stood up on its side.

Does UberEats Really Think Food Will Be Delivered by Drones in Just 3 Years?

The idea of delivering things by drone has been a popular topic: All sorts of companies from Amazon to Domino’s have been testing the idea. But one big question remains: When will drone delivery not only be possible from a technological and legal standpoint, but also practical? UberEats—the ride-hailing service’s food delivery arm—apparently hopes to be delivering via the sky in just three years… or maybe not.

Uber Accelerates Its Plans to Deliver You Burgers by Drone

Uber said back in May that it was planning to test the use of drones for food delivery, but it seems the company’s plans in this area may be expanding rapidly.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Sunday that Uber had ran a job ad for an operations executive who could get the drone delivery program up and running in 2019, and rolled out across multiple countries within three years.

Subway Offers Delivery at 9,000 Locations

Interested in having a Subway sandwich delivered to your door? You now have 9,000 options.

What Meal Delivery Kits Mean for People with Disabilities

The average kitchen isn’t particularly accomodating to those with disabilities. I’ve detailed my own struggles with doing basic cooking in my house, as well as ways to create an easier environment to cook in if you’re using a wheelchair, but we can only do so much. As I’ve gotten older and realized a human can’t live off fast food forever, the daily struggles of shopping and cooking can seem daunting if you aren’t able-bodied.

Everywhere Amazon Offers Two-Hour Whole Foods Delivery

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 brought with it a number of notable changes to the supermarket chain. In addition to lower prices, special deals or discounts for Amazon Prime members, and Amazon Lockers popping up in stores, one of the more convenient additions to Whole Foods' offerings is the introduction of free two-hour delivery via Amazon's Prime Now service.