Grubhub Announces Changes to Controversial Restaurant Policies

Whether you own a restaurant or not, the optics didn't look good for Grubhub. Earlier this year, America's now second-largest online delivery platform came under fire from restaurants they work with over a number of grievances, including controversial fees (many of which are being reversed and have led to an ongoing class-action suit) and websites made on restaurants' behalf.

One Quarter of Delivery Drivers Have Nibbled on Your Food, Says Poll

DoorDash CEO Promises to Change Controversial Tipping Policy

NYC Council Holds ‘First in the Nation’ Hearing on the Impact of Restaurant Delivery Services

No one denies that the advent of digital ordering has changed and continues to change the restaurant industry. A report earlier this week even suggested that diners are happier when they order in from a restaurant than when they eat out.

Uber Eats Tests Drones to Speed Up Food Delivery in San Diego

When discussing drone delivery, some people may picture a future where tiny flying robots bring goodies right to your house. In San Diego, at least, the future is now, kinda: Uber Eats has announced it will begin testing commercial food delivery, but don’t expect any drones knocking on your door. In fact, you might not see the drones at all.

Walmart Will Deliver Groceries Right into Your Fridge

Grocery delivery cuts out a lot of the legwork, but it doesn’t necessarily cut out all of the legwork. When the groceries get dumped off at your house, you still have to put them away. And of course, no matter how lazy you’re feeling, you must make sure those fridge and freezer items get put away ASAP. But starting this fall, Walmart is going to put an end to that final problem.

7-Eleven Launches Beer Delivery in 18 Cities

Delivery Companies Differ in Reaction to Tipping Controversy

Americans love to tip — as in we tend to tip more people more money than other cultures: Tip the waiter, tip the hairdresser, tip the taxi driver, tip the doorman… It goes on and on. As a result, tips have become an expected portion of compensation in some of these lines of work: For instance, some waiters need tips to reach minimum wage. As a result, the restaurant industry is driven by tips.

Taco Bell Adds Delivery Nationwide Via Grubhub

If there’s one stereotype Taco Bell is known for (and doesn’t shy away from) it’s being the ultimate late-night fast food choice of millions of revelers either during a rowdy night out or after the party disbands in the wee hours of the morning. But, of course, the inherent problem with being good drunk food is getting drunk people to said food, safely.

Tips for Food Delivery Drivers Don't Always Work the Way You Might Think

Tipping seems so straightforward: Someone does their job well, and you give them extra money. So when did it all become so complicated? Last year, the government passed new legislation that restaurants owners and managers can’t pocket employees’ tips: Something that seems like it should be pretty obvious. And now, with the gig economy, some unclear — and potentially even unsavory — tipping policies are being uncovered at a couple food delivery companies.