Wait, Why Does Jim Gaffigan Hate Craft Beer So Much?

Jim Gaffigan has spent a good chunk of his standup comedy career talking about food—and this material is among his best. For instance, his 2012 bit about how no one wants to admit they go to McDonald’s despite the company selling “6 billion hamburgers a day” is an all-time classic—primarily because it adheres to a classic comedic rule: It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

Chadwick Boseman Sings About Bad Restaurant Service on 'SNL'

It's always a little awkward—calling the manager of a restaurant over to your table to complain about sub-par food, a long wait, or, even more cringe-inducing, a bad waiter. Of course, some of us take our dining experiences very seriously, so we're a bit more vocal and a bit more, shall we say, up front with our complaints. Trying to find that sweet spot between politely passive and enraged entitlement can be a difficult task when all you really want is a refired entree or just to save future customers from a similar fate. So why not try singing?

What If a Food Show Host Was Too Picky to Try the Food? This Video Has the Answer

Through their televised explorations, globetrotting food evangelists like Anthony Bourdain have brought worlds of cuisine to eyes and stomachs that may never have experienced them otherwise. But what if these food TV shows were hosted by people with less-adventurous palates?

On Wine & Whining: A Conversation With Matt Bellassai

For most people, drinking wine on the job is more of a coping mechanism than a requirement. But People's Choice Award-winning comedian Matt Bellassai does some of his best work drunk. The star of his own web series "To Be Honest" and former Buzzfeed writer/video personality has turned drinking and complaining into an eloquent art form with his weekly inebriated rants on everything from airplane etiquette to summertime to babies.

Top 10 Food and Drink Top 10s From David Letterman

David Letterman will walk out from behind the curtain for the last time on Wednesday as he concludes the longest late-night tenure in history—33 years. Along the way, he transformed the genre and left us with memorable bits like the Guy Under the Seats and Stupid Human Tricks. But say “David Letterman” to most people, and they’ll probably think of two words: Top Ten. So to pay our respects, we dug through CBS’s archive of Top Tens and now give to you, from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska, our top 10 food and drink Top Ten lists.

Italian Food and British Comedy Collide in ‘The Trip to Italy,’ in Theaters Tomorrow

The Trip to Italy hits American theaters tomorrow, starring comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as the slightly pushier and more offensive versions of themselves they played in 2010’s The Trip.

This is the New Foodie Anthem

If your favorite cuisine is food truck or you only date for the culinary conversation, congratulations you’re one of MC Jelly Donut's favorite kinds of foodies. The rapper and comedian whose real name is Andrew Bancroft just released his latest video and it’s making us question all our brunching. Well, some of our brunching. OK, we don’t feel bad, but we can see where he’s coming from.

Watch the video and see how many of these things you’ve actually done.

10 Best Lyrics from Weird Al’s Food Songs

After a three-year hiatus, Weird Al returned this week, seemingly from nowhere, to release what may be his final full album, Mandatory Fun. Leading up to the launch, he’s putting out a new video every day and clips have already taken on irritating Instagram behavior and the disastrous way we use the English language.

Dave Chappelle Appears On Stage, Thrills New Orleans

Dave Chappelle continued his climb back into public life on Sunday, when he made an unannounced appearance at the 20th annual Essence Festival with Erykah Badu. Chappelle introduced Badu before her set at the Superdome to a crowd of 45,000 happily surprised fans. Perhaps those fans could have seen this coming: The two just finished a run at Radio City Music Hall, selling out 10 straight nights of shows together in Chappelle’s first performances since his mysterious exit from show business in 2005.