Cold Brew

This Spiked Cold Brew Is as Boozy as a Glass of Wine

On the surface, the concept of alcoholic cold brew coffee doesn’t sound all that newsworthy. Coffee beers—especially dark coffee stouts that often have cold brew-like flavors—are common.

Starbucks Adds Cold Brew to Its Whipped Cream

Summer is just around the corner, and if you've been wondering what your new indulgence will be for 2018, Starbucks has a few richly flavored takes on two of its classic frappuccino flavors to tempt you.

Starbucks' Cold Foam Adds a Frothy Top to Your Iced Coffee

One of the joys of a hot cappuccino is sipping the coffee through the cloud of steamed milk floating atop the espresso. But as the weather gets warmer or, heck, you just decide you're not in the mood for hot coffee on a cold morning, the iced version of the beverage available at your corner Starbucks was simply shots and milk. Same goes for lattes, Macchiatos and the like.

Starbucks Debuts Their First Iced Holiday Beverage (Assuming You Can Find It)

Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew is supposed to be available to rewards members today.

Finally, A Cold Brew Coffee Tutorial That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

If you like your morning coffee with an amusing dose of snark then You Suck At Cooking is the YouTube channel for you. The faceless chef behind the series has been making videos since early 2015 and they actually do contain quite a bit of useful information. But he also totally gets that you’re sick of snobby cooking shows that take themselves too seriously.

Is This the Beer for Cold Brew Coffee Drinkers?

Coffee stout is a relatively common beer style that has been around for as long as beer lovers have sought to integrate their favorite beverage into their morning routine. The match makes sense: Stouts and coffee often share a similar flavor profile: dark, roasted, chocolate notes.

Why Cold Brew Coffee May Be Better for You Than Hot Coffee

Maybe because of its sweeter flavor, maybe because it can come in awesome cans, cold brew coffee is the summer beverage of choice for more people than ever before (though not everyone). But it’s more than just another premium-priced caffeine delivery system. It’s actually good for you—or better for you than hot coffee, anyway.

How to Make Cold Brew Iced Coffee, as Told by a Starbucks Barista

Let’s face it. Most of us wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the power of a good (and strong) cup of coffee. Hot or iced, black or with cream.

Stumptown Is Canning Its Nitro Cold Brew for the Masses

First, everyone wanted cold brew (well, almost everyone). Then nitro cold brew became the next hot (or cold) thing.

Watch Justin Warner Hack Cold Brew Coffee and Cut Its Brewing Time by 99 Percent

Cold brew coffee is a time-intensive process: Generally it takes somewhere between 6 to 24 hours to properly extract using this method. But in the first episode of his web series Foodie Call, Justin Warner, owner of Do or Dine (and one of our favorite food rappers) wasn’t feeling that patient. Using nothing but a cream whipper and a nitrous canister, he tries to force extraction from his cold brew in just a few minutes.