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Milk Bar Turned Crack Pie Into a Latte

If you're lucky enough to live or near one of the world's beloved Milk Bars, your mornings are about to get sweeter. Yes, starting today, you'll be thanking founder, owner, and head chef Christina Tosi, because every location of the bakery is now offering three new latte flavors inspired by those of its hit deserts: Crack Pie, Cereal Milk, and B'Day.

Christina Tosi Debuts Milk Bar in Las Vegas with Boozy Milkshakes

“We must be crazy,” Christina Tosi says. “And we are.

Tosi, the mastermind behind the crack pie-slinging Milk Bar empire, is talking about her first expansion westward, with the tenth outpost of the wacky and whimsical bakery. It opened on Friday in The Cosmopolitan's East Tower, on the second floor.

Christina Tosi Brings Her Cereal Obsession to Times Square

Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day, it’s arguably the best. Making a strong case for that notion are the myriad shapes and colors of cereal lining supermarket aisles in a rainbow of sugar-filled boxes.

Why Christina Tosi Is Bringing Pressed Juice to Milk Bar

If you drink a green juice with a gooey, chocolatey, pretzel-y slice of Candy Bar Pie, do they cancel each other out? Now you can try it. Christina Tosi, the woman who brought the world Crack Pie and Cereal Milk soft serve, among other delightfully over-the-top treats, is taking on a slightly healthier project: fresh-pressed juices. The first three flavors—Real Talk, Hard Body and High Kick—are available in New York City Milk Bar locations this week.

Christina Tosi’s Tips for Making Desserts with Booze

Chefs and bakers have combined food and booze brilliantly forever. The classic bananas foster ignites because of rum and banana liqueur; boozy milkshakes take those with a sweet tooth to a buzzed sugar high; and Pernod is what makes Oysters Rockefeller an amazing appetizer. But it takes a special touch to find that happy balance of liquor and main ingredient.

Christina Tosi's Incredible Salt-and-Pepper Cookies are Stuffed with Strawberry-Lemonade Jam

Here, Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar shares the recipe for her amazing summer cookies.

Christina Tosi Shares the Story Behind Her Precious Scarves, Offers Kitchen Style Tips

In this series, photographer Melanie Dunea of My Last Supper takes a peek into the minds of working chefs and gets them to reveal their most prized possessions.

Treasured: Christina Tosi's Scarves

Christina Tosi Dreams of Unsung Ways to Eat Chocolate

Christina Tosi Dreams of Chocolate

Photo © David Malosh/ Art © James Maikowski.

Christina Tosi's 7 Craziest Cookie Ingredients

Christina Tosi // © Jasmin Sun

Christina Tosi at the Milk Bar Commissary in Williamsburg. // © Jasmin Sun

Cookies Against Cancer

Yesterday, Momofuku Milk Bar pastry genius Christina Tosi gathered 15 pastry chefs in her Williamsburg kitchen for a massive cookie baking party. Tonight, their cookies will help fight pediatric cancer. Cookies for Kids' Cancer is holding its first Chefs for Kids' Cancer event, hosted by Dan Kluger and Jonathan Benno. In addition to plenty of cookies, there will be a spectacular meal prepared by 28 chefs including Bill Telepan, Marc Forgione and Alex Guarnaschelli, as well as music by the Barenaked Ladies.