This One Simple Fix Saved My Relationship With Chipotle 

As relationships go, the one between Chipotle and America started out nearly fairy tale-perfect, but life can be awfully difficult, fairy tales aren’t real, and you very likely know the whole story—the last few years, well, they haven’t been so great for the country's foremost burrito-related fast casual.

Chipotle Offers Free Delivery for Two Weeks

Chipotle Extends Free Guacamole Deal for One More Day

In honor of National Avocado Day, Chipotle offered fans a deal any sane person would love: Free guacamole if you order an entrée online. Given that Chipotle infamously charges extra for guac on any regular day, people flocked to the website to get their free topping.

How Nurses Can Get Free Chipotle Burritos in June

You're not imagining things: National Nurses Day already occurred this year on May 6. But that's not stopping Chipotle from taking another opportunity to show its appreciation for these healthcare professionals a month later. The burrito chain is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal Tuesday, June 5. Here's how it works.

Chipotle Adds Drive-Thrus That Don't Take Orders

Let’s cut to the chase: Chipotle has been having a tough run for quite some time now. Many of the things that made Chipotle the darling of the fast-casual world just a few years ago still exist, but needless to say, the chain still has a long road of reputation rebuilding ahead of it after numerous food handling incidents.

A Woman Gave Birth at Chipotle, So the Restaurant Threw Her a Baby Shower

Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Burritos to Teachers

There's no doubt about it, teachers work hard. Beyond the responsibility of educating the next generation, they're also in charge of wrangling 20 to 30 of those future members of society for about seven hours each day. And while an apple on a teacher's desk became the de facto, stereotypical offering to show one's appreciation for everything educators do for us, a burrito would be even better.

Chipotle Adds Delivery to 1,500 Locations

Chipotle Might Start Offering Breakfast Burritos

Chipotle Is Testing Frozen Palomas as Its Next Cocktail

Back in Chipotle’s halcyon days when the chain was still seen as an oasis in an otherwise bleak lunch hour rush, they set themselves apart from Taco Bell by serving beer and margaritas.