The Clear, Drinkable Yogurt You Never Knew You Wanted Is Finally Here

When you sip out of a bottle of Blueberry Yogurina, you might be surprised by the texture and flavor. It may look like water, but the product itself is much more like a drinkable blueberry yogurt.

This Invention Would Let You Eat Water Like a Giant Grape

Remember that rain drop cake that tickled the taste buds of people around the world last summer? Well, a laboratory in the U.K. is giving us another option to try the “rain drop” method of eating by creating a way to hydrate minus that pesky water bottle.

PepsiCo Is Killing 12-Packs and 2-Liters in Philadelphia Because of a New Soda Tax

Its a rough life for soda makers.

Moroccan Mint Tea: The Sweet Tea You've Been Missing

Moroccan mint tea defies many of the best practices employed by tea lovers: the tea leaves are often low-quality and should be boiled before adding heaps of sugar.

"The method we use to make tea is really unusual," says Mourad Lahlou, chef of Aziza and Mourad in San Francisco, CA (Lahlou is a Morocco native). "If you were to tell a tea connoisseur about the kind of tea we drink in Morocco, they would be utterly appalled."

La Colombe Launches "Frothy" Canned Draft Lattes

Go to any big supermarket in the USA and you'll find sleepy-eyed men and women lovingly gazing at the selection of canned coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, cold brews, cafe au laits, and doubleshot coffees with guarana and ginseng. There seems to be no end to the innovation in ready-to-drink java: Kickstarter hosted a campaign for hot coffee in a can last year, but it didn't get the funding.

This Cup Tricks Your Brain into Thinking Plain Water Has Fruit Flavors

In recent years, sugary drinks have seemed like public enemy number one when it comes to fighting America’s health and weight issues. Diet drinks haven’t fared much better as they’ve also courted some health controversies. But a new product proposes a unique solution: What if you could drink plain water, but your brain thought you were actually drinking something flavored?

The Hot Debate Over Kombucha’s Alcohol Content

Sales of kombucha, the fermented tea that has its own section in Whole Foods now, are set to hit half a billion dollars this year. You’d think with that much money on the table, everything would be on the up and up. And yet debates continue to rage—even within the industry—over whether kombucha makers are telling the truth about the alcohol by volume of their products.

All Other Waters Put on Notice: Artichoke Water Is Here

It seems like everyone is in on the water game now. Coconut water is everywhere flooding the market. Last month, we looked into watermelon water (which name-wise at least, actually makes a lot of sense). Now, a new entrant to the specialty water market: artichokes.

Coffee Brand Wants to Help You Sleep Instead of Keeping You Awake

Most of us find ourselves mindlessly sipping coffee throughout the day to keep us awake. But a rapidly growing coffee brand wants to be your nighttime drink as well, crafting a cup of coffee the company claims will help you fall asleep.

How Bourbon is Made

Here’s a dream vacation for the alcohol lovers among us: Head down to Kentucky bourbon country and spend five days on distillery tours. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time (our livers also don’t have the endurance) to make something like that happen, so why not let the good people over at Gear Patrol do it for you, and then live vicariously through them while getting a bourbon education along the way?