Arby’s Is Heading to Area 51 to Feed Whoever Shows Up for That Facebook Event

Arby's Debuts Duck Breast Sandwich in Honor of Hunting Season

Arby’s slogan is “We have the meats,” and recently, that’s meant as many different types of meats as possible.

Arby’s Will Give You a Free Sandwich Tattoo This Weekend

Arby’s Tests Beer Cheese and Beer-Braised Beef Sandwiches

Arby’s motto is “We have the meats.” And what goes with meat better than beer? No, that doesn’t mean that Arby’s has started serving beer—though the company’s CEO did float the idea earlier this year.

Arby’s 'Big Iowa' Sandwich Is the Result of a Viral Pop-Tarts Tweet

As part of a one day only promotion, Arby’s is selling the “Big Iowa,” a sandwich inspired by the Iowa State Fair and one Twitter user’s viral pop tarts tweet.

Arby's Just Bought Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Internet Has Questions

"We have the meats," goes Arby's slogan, and now among those meats is none other than Buffalo Wild Wings.

Arby's Takes Venison Sandwich Nationwide in Fast Food First [Video]

Burgers and sandwiches built around unique meats are nothing new. Bison, boar and ostrich burgers have all found their way onto restaurant menus. Heck, you can walk into most locations of Bareburger and find things like elk, lamb, and duck patties all under one roof. But outside-of-the-box meats aren't necessarily what you'd expect to find at a major fast food chain.

Arby's Is Celebrating Hunting Season With a Venison Sandwich

“Deer hunters are going to love this sandwich.”