Applebee’s Spices Up January Cocktail Special with $2 Captain Morgan and Cola

Applebee's $1 Cocktail for October Is Appropriately Creepy

Applebee's $2 Oktoberfest Drink Special for September Is Here

Over the past year, Applebee’s has poured its way back into the casual dining conversation with a string of cheap drink specials.

Applebee's Extends Dollarita Special, Adds $2 Dos Equis for May

Originally launched last October, Applebee’s on-again, off-again $1 margaritas cleverly named “Dollaritas” have probably been the struggling casual dining chain’s most successful promotion in decades (as least as far as pure publicity is concerned).

Dollaritas Are Back at Applebee’s for April

Last October, Applebee’s unlocked the secret to returning the casual dining chain to the forefront of the national conversation: dirt cheap margaritas.

Applebee's March Drink Special Is an Absolut Vodka Lemonade (But It'll Cost You Double)

You won't often find name-brand booze being served up in well drink special at your local bar, but Applebee's isn't skimping with it's latest low-cost cocktail offering: Absolut Vodka lemonades for just $2. Starting today, customers can order up the slightly-more-premium beverage all day at participating Applebee's locations nationwide, as the restaurant brand hopes to help you "watch winter fade away," according to a statement. The drink is only described as being "made with premium vodka and mixed with refreshing lemonade."

Applebee’s Latest $1 Cocktail Is the ‘Dollarmama’

Applebee’s attempt to reimagine all of the world’s cocktails as cheap, goofily-named, one-buck iterations is continuing unabated.

World’s First Combination IHOP-Applebee’s Set to Open in Detroit in 2017

The dining world is about to change forever. Who the hell cares if the Four Seasons ever comes back? Don’t bother trekking all the way to Mexico City to see the new Noma! Set your sights on Detroit. The Motor City is about to get the world’s first combination IHOP-Applebee’s. Time to roll your Riblets in a pancake and wash the whole thing down with the sweetest frozen alcoholic beverage you can find this side of the mall’s Macy’s!

Did Applebee's Just Ruin Hard Root Beer For Everyone?

Three children walk into an Applebee's and order up some root beers. Seems innocent enough, right? Unfortunately that cute scenario almost ended with drunk kids and a very angry parent this week at a Tennessee location of the family-friendly chain.

Family Accidentally Leaves $32,000 Cash in an Applebee’s

Many are calling a server from a Fresno Applebee’s a hero this week after he returned $32,000 cash he found left in a booth at the restaurant earlier this week. It’s a heartwarming tale of human kindness just in time for Christmas – but hold on a second here… Let’s not bury the lead. How do you leave $32,000 cash in an Applebee’s?!