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Anthony Bourdain Treated President Obama to Dinner in Vietnam

President Obama and Anthony Bourdain had a dinner date in Vietnam and thanks to social media, we got a look at the magical evening.

The Guy Fieri / Anthony Bourdain Feud Has Officially Begun

Anthony Bourdain has never been afraid to let his brash opinions fly, and sometimes those opinions can even come off as a bit harsh. For lots of people though, that mean streak is one of the things they like best about Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain on His Ultra-Violent New Graphic Novel

Set in not-too-distant-future Tokyo, it’s the origin story of the sword-wielding superstar sushi chef Jiro. There’s yakuza, sushi, Italian food, and lots and lots of blood. We got a chance to chat with Bourdain about the new graphic novel (on shelves today), as well as his upcoming cookbook and food sins he thinks should be punishable by death.

Anthony Bourdain's Travel Sketch Pad

Anthony Bourdain may be the best-traveled person alive. Here the host of CNN's Parts Unknown and F&W's brand-new Illustrator-in-Residence shares three singular experiences.

Screw Golf, Tony Bourdain Wants to Teach When He Retires, Amazes at the Impact of Bronx Academy of Letters

Globetrotting food legend Tony Bourdain hosted some of New York's best chefs last night to raise money for one of his lesser-known passions: teaching kids about writing. Pok Pok's Andy Ricker and April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig and Del Posto's Brooks Headley turned out dishes like coconut curry prawns, venison sausage and a “butterscotch and frozen apricot thing," respectively, to support the Bronx Academy of Letters, a renowned public school.

Pig's Blood, Punk Rock & Cheap Beer: Hanging Out with Badass Chefs

Catch up on a weekend's worth of reading in 30 seconds or less!

3 Kitchen Commandments from Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain names the three sacred chef rules every serious cook should know.

Anthony Bourdain's Most Unforgettable Thanksgivings

Tapping into his awesome imagination and real-life exploits, F&W’s illustrator-in-residence, Anthony Bourdain, sketches (from left to right) three of his unforgettable Thanksgivings.

Anthony Bourdain's Top 5 Bars

"There are a lot of great drinking towns in this world," says veteran traveler Anthony Bourdain. "For me, if I have a bar epiphany, it's usually about four o'clock in the afternoon, before the evening crowd comes in. It's usually the daytime guys sitting there, they know the bartender, maybe there's a jukebox, maybe there isn't. The sun's sort of getting low in the sky and coming in through the window, you've got the dust motes floating over the bar. It's what I call that sort of golden Tom Waits drinking hour." Here, five of his favorite stops.

Why You Should Read "Kitchen Confidential" To Your Kids

When chef James Mark of Providence's North told his parents he wanted to be a chef, his father was dismayed: having grown up in the restaurant industry, he wanted a different life for his son. He bought him a copy of Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential to try to dissuade him (spoiler alert: it backfired). But it also taught his son a serious lesson.