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Anthony Bourdain Supports a Big Increase in NYC Food Carts

Since 1983, the population of New York City has grown from the lower end of 7 million people to current estimates of over 8.5 million residents. However, during that same period, the number of mobile food vendor permits the city allows hasn’t changed once – left stagnant at about 4,235 according to the New York Times.

Anthony Bourdain Declares Now You Can Eat Fish on Mondays

This week, in a stunning reversal, Anthony Bourdain has revealed that it is OK to order fish at your favorite restaurants on Mondays. It's been nearly two decades since his fish decree from the 2000 bestseller Kitchen Confidential : "I never order fish on Monday, unless I'm eating at Le Bernardin—a four-start restaurant where I know they are buying their fish directly from the source.

Anthony Bourdain: Imagine Donald Trump Trying to Handle Chopsticks with "His Tiny F*@king Little Fingers"

Anthony Bourdain has already said he'd never dine with Donald Trump—and in a recent roundtable at a culinary getaway held in Puerto Rico, we now know exactly what the author and Parts Unknown host finds objectionable about the president-elect's dining habits (possibly in addition to his politics).

Anthony Bourdain Declares It Is Now OK to Order Fish On Monday

It’s been 16 years since a not-so-gray-haired Anthony Bourdain gained national attention with the release of his best-selling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. Famously, one of the many things a younger Bourdain revealed about the restaurant “underbelly” is that “I never order fish on Monday.” The logic was that, at the time in his home city of New York, fishmongers were closed on weekends, meaning Monday’s fish probably spent the weekend doing something other than swimming about in the ocean.

Anthony Bourdain Thinks Your Love of Craft Beer Is Dumb

No one has ever accused Anthony Bourdain of keeping his opinions to himself – at least no one who pays attention to Anthony Bourdain. And when you’re as outspoken as he is, you’re bound to ruffle some feathers… or occasionally put people directly in your crosshairs – like the celebrity chef recently did going after craft beer lovers everywhere.

Anthony Bourdain to Produce Documentary on Food Waste

Fans of author and Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain will soon have the chance to catch him on the silver screen, as the globetrotter has announced a new documentary film project. The chef will be tackling the subject of food waste with the help of some culinary giants in a documentary titled Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, Variety reports.

Anthony Bourdain Says We're Cooking Steak All Wrong

When Anthony Bourdain speaks, the people listen. So pay extra attention to this nugget of info, because you're probably ruining one thing it should be easy to perfect.

To promote his new book Appetites, Bourdain sat down for Marc Maron's WTF podcast to discuss one of the biggest cooking crimes in this country: poking meat.

Anthony Bourdain's New NYC Food Market: Details and Updates

Celebrity chef, writer, and television personality Anthony Bourdain announced last year that he'd partnered with Stephen Werther to open an expansive international street food market in New York City. The ribbon cutting was planned for early 2017, but it turns out the 155,000 square foot Bourdain Market project is so ambitious it won't open until 2019. The venue is equally ambitious: Pier 57, which sits on the Hudson River by the city's Meatpacking District.

Anthony Bourdain Heads to Houston in Parts Unknown

CNN has just released the trailer for its upcoming Sunday episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown in which the celebrity chef heads to Houston—and eats pretty much everything except barbecue. "You can eat well here every single day without ever eating barbecue or Tex Mex," Bourdain says. "Ignore what you see on the news... this is apparently a wonderland land of the strange and diverse."

The minute-long trailer features a glimpse inside Keemat Grocers in Houston's Little India—festive dance number included:

Anthony Bourdain Has Absolutely No Interest In Eating Dinner With Donald Trump

If either presidential candidate was hoping to court the coveted foodie vote, Anthony Bourdain just gave them both the brush off – though the celebrity chef certainly had harsher words for The Donald.