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Anthony Bourdain

"To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living." —Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 10: 'It's the Funniest, Filthiest, Most Off-Brand Thing We've Done to Date'


Anthony Bourdain Is Living His Best Life on a Beach in Newfoundland

Anthony Bourdain is no stranger to off-the-grid destinations. But this week, he’s going to the end of the world.

On Wednesday morning, the chef, author, and television host posted a greeting from Newfoundland, the easternmost stretch of Canada. Relaxing on an armchair on a beach (and accompanied by a bearskin rug), Bourdain captioned his photo “roughing it in Newfoundland.”

Anthony Bourdain Loves Singapore In This Preview of the 'Parts Unknown' Premiere

Anthony Bourdain is back exploring Parts Unknown with the Singapore-set premiere of season 10 this Sunday, October 1.

Why Anthony Bourdain Doesn't Eat at Restaurants on Vacation

When one travels for work, it’s debatable whether every day becomes vacation or every vacation becomes a job.

Chef-turned-author-turned-T.V. host Anthony Bourdain falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. In an interview with Travel + Leisure last week, Bourdain said that after years on the job, “it’s hard to tell the difference” between traveling for work or for pleasure.

What Anthony Bourdain Orders on a Plane

Anthony Bourdain has a bit of unlikely travel advice: sleep through dinner.

The Most Annoying Thing People Do at the Airport, According to Anthony Bourdain

Television personality, chef, and author Anthony Bourdain spends a lot of his life passing through airports. He also has a lot of strong opinions. Therefore it only makes sense that he has a few sharp words reserved for the people he encounters while in transit.

In an interview last week, Bourdain told Travel + Leisure that his top pet peeve at the airport is “people who are not ready for the x-ray machine.”

Why Anthony Bourdain Won't Film in North Korea

Anthony Bourdain will go just about anywhere and do just about anything to help bring his viewers and fans a taste of global cuisine. But in a recent interview with TMZ, Bourdain revealed the one place he’ll never visit: North Korea.

Anthony Bourdain Thinks This May Be the Most Beautiful City He's Shot for 'Parts Unknown'

Anthony Bourdain is anything but traditional.

The famed chef and television host has made a name for himself by decidedly doing his own thing no matter what the cost.

Anthony Bourdain Signs With Pro-Wrestling Brand Titus Worldwide, Sort of

Is there anything celebrity chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain can't do?