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Anthony Bourdain Brings Green Day a Scotch-Infused Drum on 'Raw Craft' Season Finale

For the finale of Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain season 3, the host gets to bring together three of his favorite things: Scotch whisky, dedicated craftsmanship, and punk rock.

Anthony Bourdain Says He Has 'Real Respect' for Ina Garten Even If He 'Makes a Little Fun of Her'

Anthony Bourdain has had this fair share of beef with other notable chefs—but there is one culinary star he holds to a high standard, no matter what he’s said about her in the past.

Anthony Bourdain Shines Light on Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis on 'Parts Unknown'

Only a few months before Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico devastated, Anthony Bourdain was there filming the latest episode of Parts Unknown.

Anthony Bourdain Is Working on a Scripted TV Show

Anthony Bourdain is always up to something—and he’s never shy about talking about it.

Anthony Bourdain Is Now Banned From Ever Entering This Country Again

Anthony Bourdain is no stranger to controversy.

Anthony Bourdain Explores Sri Lanka's Newfound Peace In Latest 'Parts Unknown'

Anthony Bourdain returns to Sri Lanka for this week's Parts Unknown for the first time since 2008, and there's been at least one major change since: the end of the country's civil war. Sri Lanka Press Institute member Kumar Lopez sums it up at a local curry joint.

Anthony Bourdain Reflects on the Restaurant Industry’s ‘Meathead Culture’ After John Besh Allegations

Anthony Bourdain is reflecting on how his behavior throughout his long career could have contributed to a culture of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry after New Orleans chef John Besh stepped down from his restaurant group, following a

Anthony Bourdain Weighs Pittsburgh's Transition in Latest 'Parts Unknown'

Pittsburgh is a city in transition, and on this week's episode of Parts Unknown season 10, Anthony Bourdain will explore what that really means. There, he finds a thriving food scene and an influx of young tech workers, but, as longtime residents show, many old communities in the once-booming steel town are not sharing in the new prosperity.

How to Make Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Pasta Dish

There are five words that guide travelers through tough decisions: “What would Anthony Bourdain do?”

Well, we believe that Bourdain would celebrate by going into his kitchen and whipping up his favorite pasta dish.

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Anthony Bourdain Sees the Many Sides of Lagos in the Latest 'Parts Unknown' Preview

For the third episode of Parts Unknown's latest season, Anthony Bourdain heads to Lagos, Nigeria and finds a thriving, DIY spirit that drives Africa's largest city forward. But after a quick overview of the self-made ethos that animates the city's bustling markets, Bourdain begins by visiting a more expensive part of the city.