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Anthony Bourdain Memorial Book to Be Released in May

Watch Anthony Bourdain and Neil deGrasse Tyson Discuss Science, Space, and Finding Food's 'Sweet Spot'

Many of the most noteworthy artists’ careers have continued on long after their passing: How many posthumous releases have we seen from the likes of Jimi Hendrix or Michael Jackson or 2Pac?

5 Things We Learned from the Behind-the-Scenes Episode of 'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown'

The final season of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown has been a cathartic if heartbreaking farewell to the series' late host.

What to Expect from ‘Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown’ in Far West Texas

Last week, fans of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown were treated to a special episode, bucking the usual format of “Bourdain shows up somewhere and eats, converses, and narrates his way through a locale” for a documentary focusing on the legacy the late host left on food and travel television.

What to Expect from the First Special Episode of 'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown'

The final season of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown has been bittersweet thus far as we watch the late host visit the last few destinations he filmed in before his untimely passing earlier this year. To bolster the usual travel episodes, CNN is also airing two special episodes about Bourdain’s impact on food and travel culture.

What to Expect from 'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown' in Indonesia

This week, the posthumous final season of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown heads to Indonesia. The episode begins with a solemn note (Bourdain’s passing notwithstanding) that acknowledges another tragedy affecting this week’s adventure—the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in September of this year:

Anthony Bourdain-Inspired Class to Be Taught at Louisiana University

Part of what made Anthony Bourdain’s passing so upsetting was that, despite being 61 years old, in many ways, the chef and TV personality was still in his prime: Parts Unknown was rolling; he was involved in plenty of other projects from

Here's What's in Store for Anthony Bourdain and José Andrés’ Trip to Spain

As the final season of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown unfolds, each episode takes on its own poignancy in the wake of the host’s passing earlier this year.

Here’s a Look at Anthony Bourdain’s Trip to Kenya with W. Kamau Bell

With the sudden passing of TV host, writer, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain back in June, the fate of the season of his CNN series Parts Unknown that was currently in production at the time seemed to be in flux.

Anthony Bourdain and 'Parts Unknown' Wins 6 Posthumous Emmy Awards

Since the show’s debut in 2013, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown has been no stranger to award nominations and victories. That same year, the show won the Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series and Special—an award it won every year since except for 2017 (when the series was nominated but lost to Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath). In all, leading up to this year, Parts Unknown had won five Emmys out of dozens of nominations.