Ample Hills

Here's How to Visit the Largest Ice Cream Factory in New York City

Calling all ice cream enthusiasts: You’re going to want to head Red Hook, Brooklyn on the double. Ample Hills Creamery has set up shop there—and what the company has created is no run of the mill scoop shop.

How Pop Culture Became A Part of Ample Hills Creamery's DNA

On Monday, February 12, the Brooklyn-based creamery Ample Hills will begin selling an annual favorite made for the awards season. Aptly titled “Oscar Night,” the ice cream combines a thick and smooth sweet cream cheese ice cream with nearly melt-in-your-mouth pieces of One Girl Cookies red velvet cake.

'Gilmore Girls' Ice Cream Is Now a Thing and It's Obviously Coffee-Flavored

News of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival sure was sweet, but news of a Gilmore Girls ice cream is just a little bit sweeter.

Fill Out Your Super Bowl Spread with Patriot Pie and Caffeine High Ice Cream from Ample Hills

Looking for something to add to the mountain of wings and barrel of nachos you have planned for Super Bowl Sunday? The stellar ice cream makers at Brooklyn’s Ample Hills have created two limited edition flavors specifically for Super Bowl consumption. Fittingly, the two flavors take inspiration from Boston and Seattle.