The 9 'Must-Have' Tools for Summer Grilling, According to Thousands of Amazon Reviewers

Prices start at just $12.

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There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better than the smell of barbecue in the summertime. Even the thought of it brings vivid images of cannonballs in the deep end of the pool and ice cream melting off the cone to my mind. 

If you love barbecue, then you know that one of the greatest joys of grilling (other than the act itself) are the tools that go into it. Sure, you’ve got your grill, but what about everything else? Well, Amazon has a plethora of top-rated picks to make this summer the best one for grilling yet. We picked nine of the very best to make life easier for you, and prices start at just $12. 

9 of the Best Grilling Tools at Amazon: 

Alpha Grillers Instant-Read Thermometer

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer


To buy: $16 (originally $20) at

First things first, you’re going to need a digital quick-read thermometer if you’re planning on upping your grilling game this year. This one is an Amazon bestseller with over 37,700 perfect ratings thanks to its compact size and how quickly it can take temperatures. One reviewer writes that “it’s very quick to measure the temperature of food.” They also note that it’s waterproof. How waterproof? It’s unclear, but they say it gets the job done and it’s “not like they’re going to jump into the pool with it.” 

Cuisinart Cast Iron Burger Press

Cuisinart Smashed Burger Cast Iron Press


To buy: $20 at

A burger press will help you produce juicy, flat smashburgers all summer long, and this cast iron option from Cuisinart is a shopper-favorite. It has over 8,400 perfect ratings at Amazon thanks to its durability and design. One reviewer put it best: “It is cast iron. It smashes things. Nothing more to say about it, really.” These are the facts. 

Cuisinart 12-Inch Grilling Skillet

Cuisinart CNW-200 Non-Stick Grilling Skillet, 12" Inch


To buy: $20 at

A grilling skillet is highly underrated as far as grilling accessories are concerned. If you’ve ever been upset that a spear of asparagus has fallen through the grates, you need to add this to your cart right away. It’s a 12-inch steel skillet that has holes in it, so your foods can still get that flame-kissed flavor. But instead of leaving things up to chance, this ensures any shrimp, chopped vegetables, or whatever else you’re cooking will stay where you can reach it. 

Bear Paws

Bear Paws The Original Shredder Claws


To buy: $12 at

Whether you are planning to perfect your pulled pork this summer or just want to LARP as Wolverine, these bear paws are just the ticket. They have over 21,200 perfect ratings at Amazon thanks to their time saving design. One reviewer writes, “I used to hate shredding my BBQ but these made it a breeze. It took me a fraction of the time and shredded the meat so easily.”

Weston Hamburger Press

Weston Hamburger, Crabcake and Sausage Press,


To buy: $25 (originally $27) at

My dad swears by this tool, and so do over 9,600 Amazon shoppers. Essentially, it allows you to produce consistently-shaped hamburger patties every single time, so they cook evenly and to perfection. You can change the thickness level depending on how you like it. Want to know how much people love it? One reviewer writes that they’d “give it 6 stars” if they could. 

OXO Tongs and Turner Set

OXO Good Grips Grilling Tools, Tongs and Turner Set, Black


To buy: $23 at

If you don’t have a good set of tongs and a good turner, you really need one. This set from OXO that reviewers call “extremely sturdy and well designed” is a great pick for just $23 altogether. Each piece has a silicone-coated handle to ensure it doesn't slip and is made with stainless steel to handle the heat. There are even hanging loops for easy storage on the side of your grill. 

Grill Gourmet 12-Pack Cedar Planks

Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack - Made in USA


To buy: $20 at

This is definitely a more unconventional grill tool, but one that’s necessary. My dad frequently uses these thick cedar boards for grilling salmon. All you have to do is soak them in water for a few hours, then add salmon on top and pop them on the grill. It’s a shortcut to smoking food, and it imbues them with a rich, cedar flavor. It’s not just my dad who loves them. One shopper says these are “a must-have if you love salmon.”

Rapicca BBQ Gloves



To buy: $26 at

Safety is cool. At least, these grilling gloves are. They have a food-grade neoprene coating that is resistant to heat, grease, oils, and apparently even chemical liquid, according to the brand. All in all, they are resistant up to 932°F. And with over 11,600 Amazon shoppers swearing by them, they’re worth picking up if you’re planning on smoking anything this summer. 

Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper,18 Inch BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Kit


To buy: $17 (originally $23) at

Last but certainly not least, is a top-rated choice to keep your grill clean. This 18-inch grill brush includes a wire scrubber that is a universal fit for all grills. The brand promises seven times faster cleaning thanks to the fact that this brush has three brush heads instead of one. And after reading through some of the 4,500 five-star ratings, I’ve learned it seems to work especially well on Weber grills.

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