By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 01, 2015
Courtesy of Sharebite

The food-ordering-by-app world is, by definition, incredibly self-indulgent. It was designed to accommodate people who could not even be troubled to pick up the phone and speak to another human being. So we take notice when we someone takes the existing egocentric infrastructure and uses it for something good. Sharebite is a new app that works like your Seamlesses or your Grubhubs, but it doesn’t just get food dropped at your door without the uncomfortable problem of actual human contact, it also helps feed the hungry. And (because we know the app ordering set hates to have their processes interrupted) it doesn’t require any additional steps or money on the user’s part.

Like other delivery apps, Sharebite charges restaurants that use sell through its platform a commission. Company founder Mohsin Memon told us that ShareBite donates $.26 from every commission they earn on each order to City Harvest food rescue in New York. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the amount City Harvest says it costs to provide one meal for a child in need. Additionally, Sharebite is going to contribute 10 meals to City Harvest for every new user who orders a meal with the app through the end of the holiday season and partnered with local New York companies Icon Parking and TF Cornerstone, which will match the app’s typical one-for-one donations with a goal of providing 100,000 meals.

Any still-reluctant Seamless users should know that Sharebite doesn’t have the complete roster of restaurants other apps do just yet, but Memon says they have over 1000 eateries signed up and that number is growing every day.

Currently Sharebite is available through the iTunes and Android stores for use in New York City, but plans to use the same business model to deliver and donate food in other cities around the country in the next year.

You’re getting that Thai food delivered one way or the other tonight, why not help someone out when you do.