Tom Hanks Thinks You'll Love His 2-Ingredient Cocktail

Stephen Colbert loves it too.

Tom Hanks, as we’re sure you know, is a national treasure. He’s conquered our hearts through his films, his coffee company, and now, through his love of a two-ingredient cocktail. 

Tom Hanks; a Diet Coke and champagne cocktail

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On Tuesday, Hanks appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he was seemingly there to promote nothing but his lovely charms. Though he did leave everyone with a fun little treat — the recipe for “Diet Cokagne.” 

While discussing what he did over the holidays with Colbert, Hanks revealed his family visited Café Carlyle in New York City and they had a "celebratory bottle of champagne brought by."

Hanks added, "I'm not a big drinker, so I usually have a Diet Coke…So I have a little bit of caffeine, Diet Coke in a glass, and I sip that through the night."

But, on this night, Hanks was feeling like having a tipple. "They brought the champagne around, they brought the nice flutes," he said. "It was like the last episode of The Bachelor, pouring all this stuff around, and I just had this Diet Coke. And I said, 'Oh, give me a shot of champagne in there, for crying out loud.'"

At that moment, his dinner party turned to him with shock, calling him “insane” for the mixture. 

“I said, 'Well, I may be insane, but I want to celebrate the season,'” Hanks replied. And lo and behold, he found the drink delicious. 

Of course, Colbert had to test the concoction himself, pulling out two glasses, Champagne, and a can of Diet Coke to share — though Hanks noted it can be any type of cola so long as it’s diet because he has type 2 diabetes, joking, "What's better [for] type 2 diabetes than a little shot of champagne in your Diet Coke.” 

Colbert then tipped his glass back, and upon first sip, he appeared to enjoy it. "We have the Tom Collins, we have the Tom Hanks," Colbert joked. However, Hanks quickly corrected him on the name.

"We were debating what the name of it should be, and I came up with it because it is Coke and it's Champagne, so it's obviously diet 'cokagne.” 

Though we'll give credit to Tom Hanks for thinking up something fun, the idea of adding sugar to Champagne isn't exactly new. There are plenty of other Champagne cocktails out there, like the French 75 and the Kir Royale, which both come with added sugar, but we're happy to add Hanks' creation to the list of greats too.

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