Here's Why Fruit Roll-Ups Are Everywhere Right Now

A TikTok ice cream hack is the sweet treat we all deserve.

Tropical Tie-Dye Fruit Roll-Ups

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If you grew up in the '80s and ‘90s, odds are you had a Fruit Roll-Up or two stashed in your backpack as an afternoon snack, a quit sugar hit, or to trade for a new set of Pogs. (Just me? Whatever, my Slammer collection was lit.) And though the ultra-sweet treat has never really gone away, it’s having a major resurgence thanks to Gen Z’s new TikTok hack. 

Over the last few weeks, Fruit Roll-Ups have become the star of social media, thanks to a few intrepid youths unrolling them, filling them with ice cream, and rolling them up again for an ice cream sandwich-like creation. 

We should note that this isn’t exactly a new revelation. As Buzzfeed explained, the dessert combination first made the rounds in October 2021 when one of @trinhdoesthings’ commenters suggested she try the creation. She did, to the tune of nearly 10 million views.

However, it started making waves again when TikToker @golisdream switched things up, adding mango ice cream instead, who noted she “just loves the crunch” when the two desserts combine. And that was enough to set the snack world (at least on the internet) on fire. 

Since then, Fruit Roll-Ups has been forced to take to its own social media channels to remind people to take off the plastic lining before eating and even enticed Friends star Courtney Cox to give it a try, calling it a “million dollar business” after just one bite. The brand has also started posting an adorable series of “all the ways to eat Fruit Roll-Ups” on its Instagram to further inspire fans. 

The best part? Making it yourself is wildly easy. Just gather up a few Roll-Ups, your chosen ice cream flavor, and create whatever you want. Many social media users suggest making them into mochi-style balls, then re-freezing them for an even colder treat. Who knows, maybe you can use them to trade for some 2023 Pogs, too.

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