Shoppers Call This $9 Whisk a ‘Must-Have’ for Small Kitchens Thanks to Its Clever Design

It’s an organizational lover’s dream.

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Joseph Joseph 10539 Twist Whisk

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Whisks are important for so many things, like beating eggs or mixing practically anything, but they are often underused. It must be because of the design that they stay in the cabinet. After all, they take up too much room and are not the easiest to clean.

But Amazon shoppers recently discovered a new whisk from Joseph Joseph that is a dream for organizational lovers. And the best part is, right now you can grab one for just $9

Joseph Joseph 10539 Twist Whisk


To buy: Joseph Joseph Twist Whisk $9 (originally $15) at

What sets the Joseph Joseph whisk apart is its genius design. It’s two whisks in one. It starts as a flat whisk, which is perfect for blending ingredients together like sauces, and can become a balloon whisk with just a twist, making it ideal for beating eggs or whipping cream. You’re getting the best of both worlds, all in one whisk.

But the flat design makes it great for cleaning and storage, too. Because each wire lays flat, it’s easy to clean sauce off no matter where it gets. And its space-saving build won’t stop your drawer from closing (which so often happens with me and my balloon whisk). 

Amazon shoppers are enamored with this whisk thanks to its compact structure, heat tolerance, and how easy it is to clean. One shopper whose New Year's goal was to reduce the clutter in their kitchen, changed from a traditional whisk to this one. They write that they were “thoroughly impressed with the design and function. The whisk locks in both positions and takes up little room. I was able to throw this in the dishwasher on the top rack without any problems. This is a must-have if you don't have a lot of room.”

Another shopper with kids wrote that “This is the perfect whisk. It is the first whisk to not get destroyed by kids closing the drawer it's stored in. I love that it stores flat (and can be used flat).”

Ready to get whisking? Grab this Joseph Joseph whisk for just $9 today. I might just beat you to it.

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