These Soy Sauce Container-Shaped Lamps Are Made From Ocean-Bound Plastic, Plus More Quirky Light Designs

Lamps inspired by soy sauce packets

Frederick Hardy II / Prop Styling by Josh Hoggle

Behind the warm glow of this playful lamp is a story of savvy environmental activism and genius design. Since its launch in early 2020, Light Soy, the signature lamp from Sydney-based Heliograf, has made a big splash. The lamp’s cheeky name and form draws inspiration from shoyu-tai, the small, fish-shaped soy sauce holders used in takeout sushi around the world. The tiny squirt-able container is made from single-use plastic that is nearly impossible to recycle. It makes a big carbon footprint for about a teaspoon of soy sauce and often ends up in landfills, or worse, in the ocean.

Heliograph’s Australian founders Angus Ware and Jeffrey Simpson believe that with the right sourcing and design, plastic can be a powerful, beautiful material. Each Light Soy lamp is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic waste collected within 31 miles of a coastline in areas that contribute most to plastic pollution in the ocean. Plus, the sale of every lamp funds the collection of about four and a half pounds of ocean-bound plastic, helping prevent more pollution. Heliograf’s story is inspiring, but their design is just as impressive. Hung as a pendant lamp or fastened into a handcrafted base, the lamps are a whimsical way to light up a room.

Four more ingredient-shaped lamps to light up your home

Various candles and a lamp

Frederick Hardy II / Prop Styling by Christina Daley

Toast Lamp by Pampshade

This lamp comes with a list of ingredients. Japan-based artist Yukiko Morita handcrafts each lamp out of unsold bread that would otherwise be discarded. The lamps are hollowed, fitted with a battery-powered LED light, and covered in resin. $105

Banana Table Lamp

Form meets function meets humor. This gold-painted lounging banana lamp brings warm light and so much joy to any space. From $166

Fruit Candles by Yui Brooklyn

Fruit candles so lifelike they could be in the kitchen. Naturally scented with lemon, lime, and orange essential oils, these hand-poured candles smell just as real as they look. $49 for three

Italian Fruit and Italian Sweets Candles

The wax fruit at my grandmother’s house reimagined. These painted wax candles embrace kitsch in an over-the-top, cool way. Mix and match fruit and vegetables (extra points for fennel) for the ultimate display. From $32

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