By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 01, 2014
"I promise, after a Chardonnay this won't hurt a bit."
© iStockphoto

In the hierarchy of locations that inspire fear, the dentist’s waiting room is somewhere between your local IRS office and the place Jigsaw worked out of in Saw 2. The mixture of pointy implements and creepy old Highlights magazines can unnerve even the bravest patient.

One thing that might improve the experience? A little wine—or a lot of wine—before the drilling. A number of dentists in New York are apparently offering clients a nip before their appointments. According to DNA Info, the offices of Marini and Manci put out bottles of white and red for customers to drink at their leisure (and the “office tour” on their website seems to offer confirmation). Park South Dentistry, near Central Park, also supplies its patrons with wine in an attempt to create “a soothing, luxurious environment.” (And possibly to create stains on their patients’ teeth that will require a serious whitening procedure that may or may not be covered by insurance.) Park South was quick to point out that wine is merely one perk—they also give out coconut water and cozy blankets. But wait, you might say, don’t journalistic standards demand finding three examples of something before declaring it a sweeping trend? Don’t worry, there’s also The Dental Boutique on West 30th Street.

There might be an issue with the dentist-as-bar business model: None of the DDSs mentioned are actually licensed to distribute alcohol. Whether the man decides to remove the bottles from the offices remains to be seen, but we applaud the providers for finally coming up with a way to get people to relax before a root canal. Beats the heck out of a three-year-old lollipop.