These Are the Most Searched for Super Bowl Dips in Every State

Find out which dip your state is loving this year.

Buffalo chicken dip

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Game day hosts and party-goers are blowing up Google, searching for one thing and one thing only: Seriously tasty dips. Really, it makes sense, because who can resist taking a chip and dunking it in a yummy hummus, a thick bean dip, or a creamy spinach dip?

In early February, Google uncovered the hidden truths about the nation's varied dip choices. The search engine's trends platform even released a state-by-state map showcasing the most-searched game day dips across the country. It is no surprise that searches for dip skyrocket in the run-up to the big game. In 2022 dip sales increased 32.6% in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, a trend that appears to be repeating itself in 2023. 

Game Day Dips 2023

Courtesy of Google Trends

According to Google's map, the nation really does have varied tastes when it comes to its dips. The map shows that in Washington, for example, crab dip is the clear favorite, while spinach dip took top billing in New Jersey, Idaho, and Wyoming. Some states went as far as to add a dash of elegance to their dips. We see you, Arkansas, the state with the most searches for spinach dip recipes that include puff pastry. 

However, one dip that makes its way from coast to coast is none other than Buffalo chicken dip, a tasty game day flavor everyone from Nevada to Illinois, Pennsylvania to Colorado, and several states in between enjoy. 

The dip, packed with tender chicken, loads of distinctly creamy cheeses, and spicy hot sauce, landed at number one in thirteen states. Kevan Vetter, who has been working with Frank's RedHot for nearly 25 years, tells Food & Wine, "It's no surprise to us that Buffalo chicken dip is the most searched recipe!" Vetter continues, "Buffalo chicken dip is the true winner of Game Day - you can't go wrong with this cheesy, spicy comfort food."

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