The Best Bites Our Editors Ate in March

Some standouts include dreamy falafel-fried shrimp and a fantastic pimento grilled cheese sandwich.

Spaghetti with Tuna Bottarga and Calabrian Chilies from Raf's

Gentl & Hyers

It’s the time of year where we cling to both comfort meals and dabble into warm-weather produce as winter slowly gives way to spring. And this month, our editors tasted their way through restaurant menus, had all kinds of sweet treats, and had some great bites in the air, too. As this month dwindles to an end, we’re still thinking about all the delicious things we’ve gotten to eat. That’s why we’re sharing our editor's favorite meals from the month of March that include a decadent in-flight caviar service and pulled pork on the most buttery and flaky biscuit.

Young Jackfruit Salad from Kru

Teddy Wolff

Young Jackfruit Salad from Kru (Brooklyn, New York)

“I brought my parents here a few weeks ago and not only can they not stop talking about the spectacular meal we shared, I know for a fact I secured my spot up high in the will. The Young Jackfruit Salad is a standout in a truly stellar line-up of menu items based on modern interpretations of hundred-year old Thai recipes. Bursting with flavor, this dish is hands-down the most spectacular way to start a meal. The smooth texture of the young jackfruit mixed with the shredded chicken pairs like a dream with bursting flavors of chili and lemongrass.” – Alexandra Domrongchai, editorial fellow

Falafel-Fried Shrimp in Tahini Sauce from Autre Monde Cafe (Berwyn, Illinois)

“Coating shrimp in a falafel batter is such a genius idea; I loved the crunch and flavor in each bite, and the contrast with the creamy tahini dressing.” – Chandra Ram, associate editorial director

Spaghetti with Tuna Bottarga and Calabrian Chilies from Raf's

Gentl & Hyers

Spaghetti with Tuna Bottarga and Calabrian Chilies from Raf's (New York, New York)

“You'll want to order everything on the menu at Raf's, the newest restaurant from the team behind The Musket Room. While this spaghetti dish might sound simple, Executive Chef Mary Attea is a master when it comes to perfectly-seasoned cooking. This spaghetti is rich and luscious, with bright acidity and just enough salinity and spice to keep everything in balance. It's topped with crispy breadcrumbs that add textural intrigue as they weave through the al dente strands of spaghetti. I enjoyed this with a glass of light-bodied but aromatic Frappato from Sicily. A perfect pairing for a perfect meal at one of the city's most exciting new restaurants.” – Lucy Simon, assistant editor

Syrniki Russian Pancakes from Edith’s (Brooklyn, New York)

“These thick, soufflé-like pancakes were a recommendation from our server, and they did not disappoint. They're made with farmer's cheese, which keeps the pancakes on that delicate line between sweet and savory. I was obsessed with the texture of these pancakes, somehow dense and fluffy at the same time (and in the best way), and I will now be demanding that all my pancakes be made with cheese.” – Merlyn Miller, social media editor

Jianbing Guozi from Hometown Supermarket (Homewood, Alabama) 

“This was my first Jianbing Guozi experience and I am hooked. It's a crepe-like hand-held sandwich with crisp lettuce, soy bean paste, and chopped veggie like cucumber. Apparently it's a popular street food – and for good reason.” – Cheryl Slocum, senior food editor

Butternut Squash Rice Cakes from Silver Apricot

Courtesy of Silver Apricot

Butternut Squash Rice Cakes from Silver Apricot (New York, New York)

“I couldn't stop coming back for bites of this vegetarian rice cake dish at Silver Apricot, one of the most exciting restaurants in Manhattan’s West Village right now. Made with creamy, roasted butternut squash, fermented broad beans, and yacai, a pickled Sichuan vegetable, every forkful was creamy, spicy, tangy, and crunchy. Paired with a glass of Chenin Blanc from their truly remarkable wine list, it's one of the best meals I've had in a while!” – Oset Babür-Winter, senior drinks editor 

Eggplant and Garlic Sauce from Joe's Shanghai (New York, New York)

“Every time I make plans to go to Joe's Shanghai, I forget just how good it is. I was lucky enough to get in on a rainy Thursday night without waiting, and my friend and I ordered a couple of our favorites: cold sesame noodles, kung pao chicken, soup dumplings (obviously), and, the standout, eggplant and garlic sauce with pork. The eggplant is cooked down until it is so sweet and so full of umami, complemented by savory strips of pork. The saucy dish is just screaming to be spooned over white rice, and so I did, and... wow. The way it all melds together is just pure magic.” Amelia Schwartz, associate editor 

Grilled Pimento Cheese from Riverview Cafe (Plymouth, North Carolina)

“This was a meld of circumstance and sustenance. My husband's family gathered for a memorial for his beloved Aunt Frances, and then went for a repast at a local café that not only specializes in creative grilled cheese, but also in centering community. Locals (I presume) were tucked into the couches and chairs alongside their children, friends, and dogs as a giant screen cycled through animal capers. That'd be charming enough, but I surely had not anticipated the gift of a man named Gene. He was a retiree from I believe Pennsylvania, perched up on a dais behind a Yamaha keyboard, freestyling descriptions of menu items as well as songs about birthday guests and children whose parents shared their names. My grandnephew gave his own name as Voldemort. This fazed neither Gene nor his sweet old, exhausted red dog a-flop on her side on the rug beside them. I cannot imagine what it would require to faze Gene. I would follow Gene into hell. My grilled cheese was a glorious thrill of crunch, goo, and optional jalapeño slices — structurally unsound, and utterly perfect. There was a St. Patrick's Day dance scheduled for that evening, hours after I'd been leaving town. I hope Gene was the band.” – Kat Kinsman, executive features editor

Beef Tartare with Pecans, Sonora, Rosemary, and Carta Di Musica from Birdie’s

Courtesy of Birdie's

Beef Tartare with Pecans, Sonora, Rosemary, and Carta Di Musica from Birdie’s (Austin, Texas)

“I love going to Austin any chance I get to visit my family, yes, but above all to go have dinner at Birdie's as many times as possible. The small, counter-service, wine-only, casual-but-still-special Austin spot is, if not an immaculate neighborhood eatery, pretty damn close. Everything they do is so perfect that I'm hoping they'll agree to cater my wedding (consider this the start of my campaign for Birdie's catering!). The menu is ever-evolving, often changing from one day to the next or featuring an extremely-limited special item for one night only (as in only 10 servings that prove the early bird does in fact, get the worm) keeping things fresh and exciting every time you stop by. Recent highlights include a ribollita that almost made me cry, linguini with crème fraîche, arugula, and lemon, and an exquisite minute steak — although if we're being honest, I've yet to have a dish I didn't like. But the one thing you can always expect to find on the menu — because it's so good it would be silly to take it off — is the beef tartare. Bright, creamy, perfectly tender, and studded with Texas pecans for a bit of texture, it's reason enough to make it to Birdie's and then feel compelled to go back over and over (and over) again.” – Sam Gutierrez, senior social editor

Pulled Pork Butt on Manchego Black Pepper Biscuit (New York, New York)

“I was lucky enough to attend a culinary salon pork event at Chadwick Boyd's kitchen last week featuring food from Sam Fore, recent James Beard Foundation  best chef nominee. The event was incredible and the food was even better. Together, Chadwick and Sam combined their culinary geniusness and made the most delicious party sized biscuit combining Chadwick’s buttery and flaky biscuits with Sam’s drool-worthy pulled pork.” – Matt Taylor-Gross, photo editor

Caviar Service from Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet

Courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent

Caviar Service from Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet 

“I've never had caviar on a plane, let alone full caviar service, and the experience aboard one of Abercrombie & Kent's private jets (en route to Iceland) was easily the most memorable in-air bite I've ever had. The flight's chef rolled out a cart of gorgeous Icelandic caviar, with all the accouterments, including minced red onion, creme fraiche, chopped egg, blinis, and even a mini bottle of Icelandic vodka to wash it all down.” – Maria Yagoda, senior editor

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