People have strong opinions about how much milk should be in a cuppa.
tea with milk pantone chart
Credit: ozgurcoskun / Getty Images

Given how strongly some people feel about tea, we've seen our fair share of debates over tea preferences in the past. There's the famous debate about whether you should pour the tea in the milk or the milk in the tea. There's the debate over whether or not it's okay to microwave tea (inspired by a scene in the British TV drama Broadchurch where David Tenant's character reheats his tea in the microwave). Zooming out, there's the more general debate about whether we should even be drinking tea in the first place, or whether coffee's the way to go. Until this week, we'd never seen a tea debate that was so pleasant to look at. When Twitter account @YorkshireProblems tweeted this tea chart inspired by Pantone color guides, British Twitter (Britter?) went wild.

So what's the debate? The chart shows 16 cups of Yorkshire Tea with different amounts of milk in them, ranging from black tea to pretty much pure milk. When one person jokingly said that they'd pick the milkiest tea, they were met with immediate .gif shade. One very adamant tea drinker from Leeds, England wrote "D1. Anyone who chooses a 3 or 4 is going to hell (or possibly The South)". He went on to say "C3 makes me want to hurl."

In fact, the anti-milky-tea camp is definitely the most popular. A woman from Cardiff, Wales tweeted "B3 - perfection. All the 4s make me feel bit nauseous." A woman in Toronto took an even stronger anti-milky-tea stance, going for pure black tea, writing, "Give me A1 or give me death." In fact, one Twitter user went so far as to correct the chart herself, eliminating all overly milky tea from the equation.

While the chart may have caused some typical Internet outrage, some adorable-ness also ensued. When one person tweeted "3B." and then later added "Or D2. Long discussion in my house over this." a stranger replied, "Yes! Same dilemma. We are safe going to each other's for a cuppa anyway. We can sort the nuance on the day. :-)" So yeah—tea opinions may tear people apart, but they also bring people together.